When you see the UPS logo on something, you come to assume that there is some kind of accountability. In other words that if..say the ASO started lighting customer's packages on fire... that UPS would promptly remove their ASO status and SUE them if they continued dragging their 'good name' through the mud.

As you can see in this video this is not true.


TWO SISTERS SHIPPING in Jewett City, CT shipped a 125lb Organ with..one layer of bubble on the ends in a box that was so short the ends bulged from the phenolic knobs that tighten the stand that rides underneath.

Naturally all the corners of this vintage piece were cracked and the hardware was torn out of the lid. Parts inside came loose. Rocker switches hanging there. Amazing it wasn't damaged worse really.

We paid for insurance. However all that happens in this case is...of course... ups denies the claim because it was under packed. There is no further recourse with ups. They do not care. You have to work it out with the aso from there. Absolutely zero support if they refuse to do anything.

Kim Maxson at the outlet claimed someone pulled padding out! LOL. WHERE? WHERE would it FIT? The box was shorter than the Organ!! Kim is obviously a liar. HAD I cooperated and lied along with her, UPS still would have denied the claim of course. I've seen them deny claims many times that have complete credibility.

Anyway so this is a functional insurance scam as well. BUT WE PAID THESE ..ahem...people... 371.00 TO PROFESSIONALLY PACK THIS VINTAGE COMBO ORGAN and SHIP IT FROM CT to MT. They did no such thing so it is a bait/switch scam in that way.

Kim wrote a threatening note saying if we told the truth basically (If I wrote an invoice like the one I wrote..which says exactly what happened in terms like those above and like shown in the vid) then we would get nothing.
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