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    Home Workers Match legit?

    Found http://www.homeworkersmatch.com online. They sound legit, but wondering if anyone else has heard of them?

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    Re: Home Workers Match legit?

    I don't want to get on their mailing list to find out. I can't say they are or aren't legit but I do see a couple of "flags"... the testimonial from someone saying they found him a job in an hour... IMPOSSIBLE...

    The claim that you don't need any experience... WHY NOT? I've never seen too many companies that don't want you to have some experience, especially in such a competitive market.

    There really isn't any reason to get on a mailing list if you are looking for a real job. check out places like ratracerebellion, whydowork.com, and workathomespace.com just to name a few.

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    Re: Home Workers Match legit?

    Thanks, missed that testimonial and the statement that you needed no experience. Will make a point to look more closely next time.

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    Re: Home Workers Match legit?

    You know most of those testimonials are just fake. Someone would go and take a few pictures from Google images and use them as if they are real people who posted the messages.

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