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    To The Nines Scam

    Warning to anyone involved in To The Nines, a subsidiary of IAMAA Direct owned by Kenny J. Davis.

    I want to warn anyone who is currently involved with To The Nines, I strongly believe that To The Nines is a complete scam. If you are currently a consultant with this company you should run away as fast as you can and do not fall for their stalling tactics any longer. If you are looking to be involved with this company don't do it for the following reasons:

    1. They are asking for a huge investment to buy your way into higher management levels but you don't receive much for your investment. Most of the money goes directly into Kenny Davis's own pockets.

    2. There are NO shoes! There were initially a very limited amount of shoes listed online but those are all gone now and orders that were placed for new shoes were turned back for lack of payment.

    3. No one is getting paid. No commissions have been paid to consultants for months. When asked why all you get are deflections, lies and stall tactics.

    4. No marketing materials are given to consultants when they sign up because the printer that has printed them are withholding them because of lack of payment.

    5. Kenny J. Davis and Keli Teague the person who is recruiting consultants into the company claim that IAMAA Direct is the parent company to To The Nines. They also claim that IAMAA Direct has been in business for 15 years and is a $6m company. However, after investigating IAMAA direct it has been discovered that IAMAA Direct was just incorporated in May 2011, well after To The Nines was conceived of by Kenny Davis and Nicole Jones.

    6. It should be noted that upon learning upon the deceptions by Kenny J. Davis and Keli Teague, Nicole Jones resigned from the company and is not a party to the alleged fraud by Kenny J. Davis and Keli Teague. Nicole Jones has been tirelessly working to try to make things right and I believe she is the only honest person in the whole operation.

    7. The company has put forth a "refund process" that appears to do nothing but buy them time (90 days) and absolve them of any liability and protect them from the lawsuits that I am sure will be coming soon.

    8. Check with the BBB in Texas (Dallas County) and the Attorney General's Office. There have been numerous complaints of fraud.

    9. This isn't Kenny Davis's first time! He has a record of perpetrating similar frauds. http://www.frauddigest.com/fraud.php?ident=947

    I have become very concerned that no one knows about this because it is being kept very quiet. I fell for this scam because I checked it all out online and didn't see any red flags or anything alerting me to the fact that this was a scam. I don't want anyone else to fall for it and hope that this will protect unsuspecting people from falling for this scam. Although Nicole Jones has separated from the company, the company has not told anyone this and many people do not know that they are involved in a fraud. This is my first time being involved in direct sales and I can tell you it will be my last!

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    Re: To The Nines Scam

    I would like to add something here.

    I want it to be crystal clear that Nicole Jones is NOT part of this scam. She has a solid reputation, and works with utmost integrity and after discovery of all of the things mentioned above has resigned from To The Nines, ran by IamaaDIRECT, LLC. (Kenny Davis/Keli Teague)

    She did a call on Sept 15th, when all came out and shared with all of the consultants why she was resigning via a legal document.

    If you are a consultant and you HAVE NOT heard about this you need to get with your upline or contact a soon ex To The Nine rep that you know b/c there HAS been tons of communication.

    Please realize that everything has been just discovered and we all know things don't happen overnight, but we are trying to keep from Kenny Davis and Keli Teague from hurting ANYONE ELSE.

    The leaders of To The Nines (who are also diligently working to RESIGN from To The Nines) have given many links to file a complaint, as well as keep everyone informed on the next steps and moving ahead.

    If you have NOT gotten info please contact me and I will make sure we get you the information needed if your upline has NOT communicated it with you. If you have gotten some communication and want MORE you have to be patient. There are legal rules to follow and until it all comes out only certain things can be said to protect parties involved. <--- please understand this.

    Here are a couple links to file a complaint. Many consultants have already filed:

    FTC: https://www.ftccomplaintassistant.gov

    Better Business Bureau:

    Internet Crime Complaint Center: http://www.ic3.gov

    and Attorney General Texas:

    We highly encourage everyone who were scammed by To The Nines to file these complaints as soon as possible. Keep any receipts or any proof of payment, and keep the complaints for your records.

    If you decide to move forward with To The Nines don't hesitate to contact me to get questions answered to help you make an informed decision.

    I was a consultant and fortunately didn't lose too much however we feel it is our duty to warn as many people as possible about this scam. It's sad.
    Ummmm what am I DOING here???

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    Re: To The Nines Scam

    Sadly enough I too have been caught up in the To The Nines scam as well. If you are currently involved in the company or looking to become involved in the company please do your due diligence and check with the BBB and even check out Kenny Davis and his wife [URL="http://www.homefacts.com/offender-detail/TX07016203/Tammy-Lynn-Beshear.html"]Tammy Beshear[/URL. I would also be very wary of Keli Teague who is the one bringing people into the business. I can tell you first hand that you cannot believe a word that they say and that everything that they have said from day one was a lie. Huge 5K investment, no commission paid for recruiting, marketing materials that never actually materialized, the few amount of shoes they posted online were gone almost immediately and I am told that orders placed for new shoes were turned back for non payment. I cannot speak to that but I can speak to the fact that I personally caught both Kenny Davis and Keli Teague in out and out lies. Not just little white lies either. Many of us have paid for events and yes even shoes that we will never be able to get back. They are claiming to be giving refunds to those who want their money back but I cannot get a return phone call or email regarding my refund that I asked for over 3 weeks ago. You cannot find anyone in the home office with a flashlight when it comes to getting a refund. Now they have brought new people on board as President and VP when Nicole Jones resigned over all of this and are continuing to perpetrate their scam. My heartfelt hope is that no one else gets caught in this and loses their hard earned money and their dream. Be very aware that To The Nine's and their parent company IAMMA Direct are like the roach motel. You're money goes in, but it never comes out.

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    Re: To The Nines Scam

    I am thankful that you posted this as I was seriously going to join the the Nines. Now I know not to waste my money. Funny, now that I think about it, the
    Regional Manager never called me back after I informed her that I did not have $5,000 to join as a Regional Manager....thank God I did not waste my hard earned money...

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    Re: To The Nines Scam

    As of December 6, 2011 this is the reply I had received when I submitted my refund form.
    And I have not heard anything since.

    P.O. Box 130537
    Dallas, TX 75313
    888-501-5997 fax

    This letter is to confirm that To The Nines management has received and accepted your refund request.
    As stated in the Refund Procedures and Qualifications, please allow the necessary time to calculate your refund amount. Once To The Nines has determined the amount of your refund an email confirmation will be sent to you. Payment will be sent upon your acceptance of the amount you are to receive.
    Refunds are processed and sent based on the timeframe of resolution and not necessarily based on when we received your refund request.
    We will make every effort to expedite your request, please be patient and refer back to the Refund Process and Qualifications Procedures for deadlines and timeframes.
    If you have questions concerning your refund please e-mail refunds@mytothenines.com .

    Thank you, To The Nines
    Refund Department

    I only received this email after bugging them every three hours with emails asking for a confirmation from them.

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    Re: To The Nines Scam

    Thanks for the information. I am sure that people have always fallen for such scam. Now people have known about it and I hope they will be able to stay away from it.

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