The company has no registration in Thailand or anywhere else. You can check it on the register in Thailand

So what they do.

They tell you the story they ready to invest xx million of dollars, but they need to get some financial guarantee (assets) for example. as soon as you have some asset they will ask you to give in the bank on the name of investor (owner of the company) or to give somebody who will meet you at the bank where should you bring your asset. Any way the point to take the asset "legal" they sign the contracts with you and do other things to convince you that they are able, ready and willing to give you investments. You should only give some assets for security.

Aware of the skype contatcs from "Valeryi"
Skype: V_novos
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Attention those people are "selling" financial instruments as well !!

If you have any other information about scame activities of this company please let us know.