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    Welcome Finance Uk

    Hello, I got scammed by taking a loan with welcome finance in the uk. I was wandering if anyone else got scammed by them. I heard they are going out of business as well. Also they have a website called wfs.co.uk I found another site and wandering if they are the same people http://welcomefinance.net/ any information anyone has will help me.

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    Re: Welcome Finance Uk

    oh, i'm sorry to hear you lost your money.

    i assume you sent money by western union for fees or security for the loan?

    this is called advance fee fraud. you now know that you never pay for a loan in advance, any fees are taken from the proceeds.

    that website never was a real business, it was created to help scam you.

    Welcome Finance offers loans for people with current or past credit difficulties to a large extent. Despite unfortunate circumstances resulting too bad credit, they will be able to hand you the cash you desperately need. They understand the needs and demands of people and offer solutions to their financial problems. Borrowing can be made within a significant amount with whether a secured loan or an unsecured loan.

    How it Works? and How to get it done easily

    There was such a time when ******* without a proper pledge was difficult to secure even with the most stable applicants. Collaterals were always needed which stripped off the hopes of the less fortunate who were the most desperate in need of *******. Nowadays, companies such as Welcome Finance offers tenants, non-homeowners, homeowners, graduates, students and even retirees the chance to patch up their financial situation. The lending company does not bother much about your property which may come as a shock to many with serious risk concerns. What they actually do is incur higher interest rates to compensate for their risk factors. Repayment procedures may vary depending on your secured loan and the amount you wish to borrow as well as the length of your repayment period. Your income flow will be considered into your repayment capacity as well.
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    Re: Welcome Finance Uk

    Update to my question, a friend of mine tried out the company
    http://welcomefinance.net/ welcome finance, and they gave him a good loan. They are not a scam.
    They are not related to the other scammy company discussed:sun_smiley:.

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    Re: Welcome Finance Uk


    I need top tips upon negotiating a settlement with the collection company because Welcome Finance go bust. I've been paying off this loan for a few years now and prior to WFS going under, they provided us a discounted settlement from the financial debt which inturn we couldnt manage to consider at that time.

    18 Months on, I've been thinking about bankruptcy however prefer to steer clear of this option. I asked The Lewis Group (who are right now taking care of the debt) to supply me with a reduced negotiation much like Pleasant nonetheless they possess advised which because Pleasant go... they cannot give clients a price reduction because it would have been Pleasant that would agree this.

    Well I am baffled becuase would these people not instead i pay for the majority of the monies lent as opposed to heading broke as well as paying for none?

    As far as i am aware companies like The Lewis Group purchased the debts at a smaller sized price and made revenue off people who fully paid back their debts owed consequently giving them leway to lessen the total amount for immediate settlement.

    I am unable to afford the reamining balance and also have come up with an acceptable suggestion however they will not amuse it at all.

    Does anyone know how this all functions? Certainly even if the unique creditor has gone bust you'd possess believed that they might nevertheless provide pay outs with a proportion associated with discount?

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    Re: Welcome Finance Uk

    we are offering a good loans and are not related to other scammy companies.we are offering 175,000$ loan amount on 15 years loan term at intrest rate of 4.5%

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