What I found! OB's are doing abortions.

I was formerly a patient at Women's Specialists and had an okay experience with Dr. Bobo. I didn't care for the way the office was run, with waits up to several hours long. I was hoping for a VBAC but ended up being induced 1 day after my EDD and had several interventions leading up to another c-section. I didn't feel they were as pro-natural childbirth as I had heard. I also had a horrible hospital experience with one of their on-call OBs who is no longer part of the practice.
Many of my friends have loved Dr. Dryden. Unfortunately, we all recently found out that she is performing abortions at Planned Parenthood. I would encourage any moms who value unborn life, to research this yourself before choosing her as your physician. I would personally find issue with a doctor caring for myself and my own unborn baby after taking the lives of many unborn children.