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    Jonathans Simpson's Xtreme Payday

    I am on the mailing list for a guru and I got this email about a new product called Jonathans Simpson's Xtreme Payday has anyone had any luck with it I know I want make that much but I'm looking to make a few hundred extra. Month and wanted to know before I buy it... the site is http://www.xtremepaydays.com
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    Re: Jonathans Simpson's Xtreme Payday

    I wouldn't buy ANYTHING until you understand what affiliate marketing is about and how it works. Go spend some time on the warrior forum and start reading until you understand what it is that you are buying.

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    Re: Jonathans Simpson's Xtreme Payday

    If you login to the site and then click to log out you will eventually get it for $39 instead of $49. Is it worth a try with 60 days money back guaranteed? These offers scare me! :

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    Re: Jonathans Simpson's Xtreme Payday

    alright saw is, suppose only 49 dollars then 39 when you try to leave the site, u pay for it then your taking to the member area. where you see another link to ge tyou a website. they saw its free but we all know by now thats a lie. between the web domain that runs u about 14 dollars a month, after declining their offer after 7 times you see a total payment of 188 rollers charged to your card. that's right already charged nothing u can do. then you go back and watch their 4 phases of supposed helpful tips. Their even so nice enough to offer you 1 on 1 for a little payment of 198$. funny thing is after asking around i saw nothing about clickbank,not once was it mentioned it their training. this is total bs please don't waste your money. don't use your credit card if your gonna try it. as we all know its a pain in the ass to cancel.

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    Re: Jonathans Simpson's Xtreme Payday

    hmm i will have to check this product out..

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    Re: Jonathans Simpson's Xtreme Payday

    If they are offering the information for free then you can go for it. At that moment they say that you pay for some money, then it is the alarm that it is time to get out.

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