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    C&D Marketing Scam

    I am a former employee of C&D Marketing. They claim to be religious guys who care about their employees and will pay them correct commissions. They claim to be a solid company with an office and huge net profits. They claim to have offices all over the country and more on the way.

    The reality is that they are all scamming, bull-shit sales guys who lie to young guys and tell them to go out door to door to make some money on insurance leads.

    Supposedly the agent makes $5 per lead and a $200 bonus once 25 leads are gathered. I entered almost 500 leads for them into their ridiculously primitive lead tracking system and was only ever paid $4 per lead with the promise that my extra $1 per lead would come later. I also never received my $200 bonus. I was constantly held back from gathering leads because the owners of the company couldn't sell enough of them to insurance agents. I was promised that another office would be open in Arizona after 2 weeks of me working there and yet after working there for 3 months, never had an office to report to.

    All of the leads I gathered were legitimate leads from actual consumers and yet Cameron Treu constantly told me that me leads were bad and decided not to pay me for about 20% of them.

    Cameron Treu is afraid to tell the truth and afraid to talk about business. If presented with a question about the company he finds a way to shift the conversation to his BBQ competitions which he spends more time doing that worrying about his business which was essentially run by me and another dedicated employee.

    We trusted Cameron Treu and all he did was promise, promise, promise. Later we discovered that it was all lies, lies, lies. He is a sales man and he will BS you all day long.

    Do not make the same mistake I did. DO NOT WORK FOR THIS COMPANY! I am not the only one. We recruited almost 10 of our friends to work for them and all of them quit almost immediately because of the losers that own the company. They have no respect for you and no respect for your family. They will not pay you properly and drive you crazy. They still owe me $1,000.00 and will also not answer my phone calls to explain why they aren't paying me.
    C&D Marketing has a website which is www.sickofsummersales.com. Go take a look at it and notice how unprofessional it is. So many typos and so incomplete. It will be a waste of your time.

    I was promised that it would be my career and that I would be promoted and paid very well. The truth is, I could run the company better than them and they hired me and expected me to do all of the work for them.

    C&D Marketing is a scam. The Owners names are Cameron Treu and Andrew Gross.
    Cameron Treu's email is: cameron@cdmarketingeast.com
    His phone number is: 480-247-0071

    My phone number is (480) 307-3690

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    Re: C&D Marketing Scam

    I work at C&D Marketing, and have now for upwards of a year, and my experience here has been nothing short of ideal.

    I have a flexible work schedule, and have always been paid fairly, timely, and transparently. If there was ever errors in my commissions payment (which have been extremely rare), they are corrected with great attention and sincere concern.

    I make great money while working minimal hours, and have been taken care of by the management and employees of this company in the form of training and assistance.

    I don't know why this is brought up to a Scams website, as our clients love our work and what we sell them, and we (as reps) get paid honestly according to our written agreements.

    I have enjoyed my time and progression with this company, and would encourage any honest, hard-working, and dedicated people to consider working for them. It has been a huge blessing in my life and look forward to a prosperous future with them.

    (I am only an employee of the company, I am not an owner, I just don't want one disgruntled employees' opinion of his former-company ruin a good job opportunity for many others).

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    Re: C&D Marketing Scam

    Talk about MLM. I just hate the companies. The new guys make most of the work but earn very little when the top management get the lion's share.

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