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    breast cancer treatment...

    Today’s time is that time where there is a high percentage of breast cancer patients in the whole world. With the hard efforts doctors find out the treatment for this problem but it’s a costly one. It is very painful that breast cancer cure rises for a long time? Must resects breast? At present, the global prevalence of breast cancer “over-treatment”. So early discovery and diagnosis of the mammary carcinoma is very important, and has becomes the key point of treating effect and prognosis. Also in addition, when assigns breast cancer treatment by stage should follow “continues the principle”. This review presents the present state and future prospect of breast cancer treatment by stage. There are many breast cancer treatment, including surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, endocrine therapy, immunotherapy, traditional Chinese medicine treatment. Surgery is preferred for the early and middle patients, comprehensive treatment-oriented for in patients with advanced.
    Breast cancer treatment by stage programs in the following: breast cancer treatment by stage 1: Radical surgery was still the main modality of curative treatment. Prompt radical adrenolectomy is the only means to achieve a long survival. Such as axillarylymph node metastasis, should make radiation therapy should be added for supraclavicular and parasternal lymph node regions. Recently some researchers believe that only for partial breast or simple excision and axillary lymph node dissection group to Pectoralis major reservations.
    Breast cancer treatment by stage 2: Such as cancer located in the medial quadrant of breast. Can consider for extended radical resection. Postoperative radiotherapy or chemotherapy and endocrine therapy. Breast cancer is a common malignant tumor in women. The treatment is mainly guided by the TNM and clinical staging
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    Re: breast cancer treatment...

    I was diagnosed with cancer of the breast within 12/04, lumpectomy within 01/05, chemo started in 02/05, then Thirty-five rounds associated with radiation that finished 09/15/05. My joints ached, I broke just about every limb within 04/05 tripping over a brick of all things! However somehow all of us manage. The actual exhaustion can get even worse, but when you are able to just rest. Best thing for you. When your treatments are more than you will get more powerful. The morning had been the hardest period. I experienced like a 99 year old lady just trying to get up out of bed. A sitting in 1 postion for to long was a site to:) But once shifting things eased up a little.

    Each time I go in order to my oncologist I complain that my body system affects, he or she doesn't know the reason why. So I cope with it within the best way feasible. I understand they say exercising causes much more issues, but with me it seems to keep every thing loose. I had been always a little in reverse.

    I hope this can help a little. If you wish to request me something take a moment.
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