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New Evidence On Elie Wiesel At Buchenwald

Where is Elie's Tattoo?

Elie Wiesel has told us for over 50 years that he was tattooed at Auschwitz in 1944, and that his tattoo number is A7713. He has repeatedly said that he still has this original tattoo on his arm. Just last March in Dayton, Ohio, Elie met with the press, high school and college students, and 2300 members of the local community.

As reported in the Dayton Daily News , one student asked Wiesel if he still has his concentration camp number and if it serves as a reminder of those terrible experiences. "I dont need that to remember, I think about my past every day," he responded. "But I still have it on my arm A7713. At that time, we were numbers. No names, no identity."

Another official transport list of the youths sent to France from Buchenwald in summer 1945 has come to my attention. Can it possibly be the smoking gun to prove that Elie Wiesel in not one of the boys of Buchenwald?

On June 14, I posted a blog on this site questioning What Happened to Waltzers Book about the boys of Buchenwald? Professor Ken Waltzer of Michigan State University wrote a comment to that blog in which he stated, Elie Wiesel was there (in Block 66 at Buchenwald) with other boys from Sighet, who knew him; he was interviewed by military authorities after liberation, in order to permit departure from the camp; and he went after liberation in early June, 1945, to France, to Ecouis. one among 425 boys who did so.

Prof. Waltzer has for years been firm in his insistence that Elie Wiesel was on the transport to France from Buchenwald, as one of the boys of Buchenwald, a legend in the making. This is largely based on a document containing the name of Lazar Wiesel of Sighet, born Oct. 4, 1928, on the transport list of over 500 Jewish orphans from Buchenwald to Paris dated 16th July, 1945. (Note: Elie Wiesels official birth date is Sept. 30, 1928)

Page 9 of this list, as well as the cover page, as received by Myklos (Michael) Grner from the Buchenwald Gedenksttten (Archival Records Office) is viewable on Elie Wiesel Cons The World under The Evidence on our menu bar (click on The Documents and then the link at #14). You will notice on that page that number 405 is WIESEL, Lazar.

HOWEVER it has come to my attention from a helpful, dear reader that at the website of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (http://www.jdc.org) (AJJDC) we find the same list , only now it is titled Orphan Children from Buchenwald now in Paris Convoy of 8th June, 1945.

Here we see number 405 listed as WIEZEN instead of WIESEL. To get two letters in a single surname wrong seems unlikely, especially when its connected to a birth date that is not Elie Wiesels.