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    Trinity Financial?

    I received a letter in the mail today dated July 10 from Trinity Financial Management located on Ontario, along with a cashier's check in the amount of $3,800.00.

    The letter states that I was one of the winners of the North American Pool held on December 28, 2005, but due to mix ups of some numbers and names, the results were released on May 5, 1006.

    It also states that I am approved for a lump sum payment of $54,500US in cash which is from a total cash prize of $435,600 shared among ten international winners in this category.

    I would have to contact a 702 number in order to claim this. The letter states that the enclosec check is to make the processing faster, which is meant for paying the taxes and processing fees, but the amount is deductible fo my total winnings. It states that the service charge will be paid through Moneygram Money transfer.

    Has anyone even heard of this? Is it legit? :confused: It would be nice to have that money tho! :)

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    Re: Trinity Financial?

    Thank you!

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    Re: Trinity Financial?

    1. 702 is not an Ontario phone code.

    2. Trinity Financial is not a listed Ontario Corporation registered with the Gaming Commission.

    3. The cashier's cheque is fake, don't deposit it. Give it to your bank.

    4. Alert your local FBI, US Postal Inspectors and Ontario's Phonebusters.

    5. If you cash the cheque and spend any money, you may be liable for fraud.
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    Re: Trinity Financial?

    Area Code 702 is Nevada - near Vegas...

    If you call, they will ask you to wire some money to cover the "Costs" for the claim. They will say you can cover them with the check - of course the check will bounce and you will be liable for the amount.

    If its not too expesive give them a call - but tell them that you can't cash the check - but that you can sign it and send it back...Maybe you don't have a bank account in the states - but that you will give them 10% if they will cash it for you and wire you the money!

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    Re: Trinity Financial?

    I got the same letter from them
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