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    Strictly Health www.hoodia-dietpills.com

    They are a scam. I just want to warn all of you that http://www.hoodia-dietpills.com/ is a scam not only do the pills not work at all they do not honor the guarantee. They will also put you on an autoship every 2 weeks with out consent. Then when you try to return them they tell you they did not get them or that the bottle was open and they cannot give a refund. The company is a scam!! Please beware!

    Do not buy from http://www.hoodia-dietpills.com/

    also see this site about all the ripoffs that have occured witht his company http://www.ripoffreport.com/results....=&searchtype=0

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    Strictly Health www.hoodia-dietpills.com BEST COMPANY and PRODUCT!!!

    U are just ENVY that they have BEST REAL PRODUCT on the market and been seen on CNN and 60 minutes. Take a CHILL PILL, dude lol or better yet try MENTAL PILL

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    Re: Strictly Health www.hoodia-dietpills.com

    After using Hoodoba Hoodia Gordonii for just 5 days I started noticing results. I have been on the product for over a month now and lost 12lbs. So far I'm averaging 3lbs per week. I received the product in a timely manner. Strictly Health is not a scam, I did not sign up for the autoshipment, only because I was afraid I wouldn't have enough money in my bank account at the time of the withdraw. They never signed me up for it anyways. This product really works!!

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    Strictly Health hoodia-dietpills DO NOT BUY!

    [FONT='Verdana','sans-serif']I purchased Strictly Health Corporation’s Hoodoba Pure Hoodia (diet supplement) online on 10/02/2007. The deal was 3 bottles (270 V-Caps 400mg) for $143.85 plus shipping ($7.95). The company’s return policy was the reason I felt secure in my purchase. The remaining unopened bottles could be returned for a refund provided the return was within thirty days. I had no weight loss/increased energy success with the product, and actually gained some weight. I e-mailed customer service on 10/27/2007 requesting what was necessary for the return: The RMA#, the return request form and their shipping address. There was the time constraint making it an urgent matter, naturally. No one from the company responded to my first two emails. I then contacted their 1-800 service line and was quickly diverted to an agent intent on getting me to exchange my 2 bottles for their “elixir.” I refused. I e-mailed them a third time and finally a representative named “Angel” replied to that e-mail on November 8, 2007 claiming it was the first they had received. Absurd! By now, the 30 day return time frame had passed. I never heard from them again. Very illegitimate business they are conducting.[/FONT]

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    Re: Strictly Health www.hoodia-dietpills.com BEST

    Quote Originally Posted by Dannydog View Post
    U are just ENVY that they have BEST REAL PRODUCT on the market and been seen on CNN and 60 minutes. Take a CHILL PILL, dude lol or better yet try MENTAL PILL
    If people like this are promoting this company, I'd steer clear.

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