I have studied how the U.S. Soldier's identity is stolen and abused on the Internet.
The FBI and the Army and local authorities do have this information.
Scammers uses often open proxy to hide their real location , so that means the IP number can show up in another part of the world!

Even if scammer´s hides them self in every way as Fake IDs and fake IP numbers they can never hide their behaviours !
How they use all the information of all the REAL Soldiers and all the information brought on the black market for just 50 Dollars.
Military old PCs are thrown out like garbage, they end up in the African countries, as Ghana and Nigeria (LAGOS) but what the Military forget is: TO TAKE THE OLD HARD DRIVER OUT of the PC, and there everything start…
All the information about the REAL soldier, there have had that PC in the States are there, pics, papers whole his identity. SCAMMER´s use the soldier pic and his information, I will say maybe 85 % of the REAL soldier identity. The SCAMMER´s know the US Military are on duty in Afghanistan and Iraq, so every SCAMMER Soldier start with they are deployed in one of those countries “Iraq” and there they tell their story about their work.
They go on the Internet on the dating sites and creating FAKE profiles and use the REAL Soldier identity and pics…they met a lot of women and the SCAMMERS fall very fast in love with their victim. After few weeks the SCAMMER want to meet the victim, and they have created FAKE document from the Military, now am thing on their leaving letter, they tell it will cost money to get them out of the WAR ZONE, and the victim is so much in love so she pay the money what it cost 4300USD maybe…then the SCAMMER soldier say he have to be flown to another Country “UK” and there he ask for money again cos they maybe have a bonus they need to have with them, and now again the victim have to pay more money maybe 4700USD more…the SCAMMER´s can get a phone so the SCAMMER and the victim can talk together…but the phone number SCAMMER use is a FAKE number, in UK +4470….. but what the victim doesn’t know is the SCAMMER is still in Nigeria or another African country…when the victim say stop they don’t have more money to send, the SCAMMER discarded the victim. The SCAMMER start his game all over again.
I understand you are thinking I have met an Nigerian scammer myself once, that´s why I am here to help and make people aware of these kind of scams that can hit any one ! Scammers are very manipulative and knows how to target women in all ages, nationalities, cultures, religions! It do not matter if you are smart or not, they are smarter many times and asks the right questions they need to know from the victim, and suddenly you are there, scammed and another victim. But yes scammers changes photos, names, age and as you say the 2 years can make an difference in the search engine that they get more hits and other people as hits .But what i can say to you, better be safe than sorry in this case, if you feel that something do not feel comfortable for you, just end it! But if you are curious see what it leads.

The signs of an scammer are:
1.Fake profiles on a white male living in US, UK and has connections to NIGERIA or GHANA or are in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN as a Soldier.
2. He is a widower or divorced.
3. Work as a Contractor, engineer or an business man, now as US Soldier too
4. Scammers send templates copied and pasted from the internet.
5. Looks for a serious relationship that leads to marriage
6.Asking money from strangers is an scam. 7. They make FAKE document from the Military
I can tell: NO SOLDIER there are on duty in IRAQ and AFGHANISTAN is on dating sites!!!!
Here is some of the sites where the SCAMMER´s are:
Which country the SCAMMER chooses his victim:
Most of the victims are from Europe, and I mean countries like
The Netherlands
And more countries…..
And why the SCAMMER´s choose those Countries is because there is English the second languages.


The Soldiers do a GREAT job, why do they have to fight to keep their identity too.
The soldier there get stolen their identity cant do anything anymore if we not STOP that kind of crime. In fact it is Identity Fraud.


I hope ALL will take this very seriously and start a fight to stop SCAM!!!!