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    Rohe & Wright Houston Builders WARNING!

    Very dissatisfied with Rohe and Wright. I wouldnt recommend these builders to anyone. They are posting good reviews about their company on internet but this is my true experience.

    I have had the worst experience with these guys. Bot the house two years ago and have had 5 project managers try to address issues on the original punch list.

    In discussions with management and ownership, their attitude is indifference, belittling and arrogant. We continue to find issues with the house that have us question the quality of craftsmanship of their workers, and can't seem to get them addressed or corrected - or for that matter even acknowledged!

    I don't know how they got their reputation for being a premier custom home builder, but it's not represented in the current leadership, workforce or delivered product.

    You expect better in a million dollar home, but you don't get it from Rohe & Wright!

    Walk away from them and find another builder.:zx11pissed::zx11pissed:

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    Re: Rohe & Wright Houston Builders WARNING!

    I am currently suing Rohe and Wright for fraud. These people are complete scammers and the owners are unscrupulous. I live in one of their town home communities and nearly every homeowner has had to replace almost all of their windows due to Rohe and Wright using defective windows and then installing them in a manner that significant damage occurred to almost all of the homes.
    They refused to pay to replace the windows or the damage caused by them and nearly every homeowner has had to pay between 30,000 and 50,000 to make the necessary repairs. Rohe and Wright is claiming that they can not pay because they have no money and, of course, their insurance company will not cover the damage. They claim they are on the verge of bankruptcy, despite the fact that they are in the process of building a development worth tens of millions, and each of the owners live in million dollar + homes.
    You should deal with them only if you enjoy faulty construction, fraud, dishonesty, and deceit.

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    Re: Rohe & Wright Houston Builders WARNING!

    I agree. Rohe & Wright is the most unprofessional group I have every dealt with. I don't know how they stay in business. We put a contract on a townhouse on Aug 12 that already had teh slab poured and, after one year, we still aren't closed. They are inept at their profession, management is very unprofessional and will NOT work with you, and they will not review their completion schedule with you. Do not sign their contract! It is VERY one-sided and vague - all in their favor because they know they will not comply with the contract. PLEASE BEWARE. There are too many good builders to choose Rohe & Wright.

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