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    Is Ipod union a Scam?

    Has anyone heard of Ipodunion ? It is a transfer of monies from Russia. When applied for this manager position, I got a signed contract and they said that it would take two to nine business days to get started. They told me that I was not paypal certifited so I joined paypal. Then the next thing I received in my paypal was $1440.00 dollars in my paypal account. It had no seller just the buyer. I did not put the monies into my bank account and refunded the money to the buyer from paypal.The buyer said that he thought that I was the seller ! I do not have an ebay account ! Ebay said that the real seller's site was invaded and they have put a hold on the guys ebay site until they investagated the problem. So my question is do you think that this ipod had anything to do with it ? The manager that I am supposed to be learning from never email's me and I have sent her,him, it several questions with automated relipies except one. She told me to send the money back to the buyer, which I had done several days ago. Here is the tread. What does everyone think about this ? Thanks for your replies ! Ps I also signed a labor aggrement with them and I tried to upload it ,but it is too large ! This is what they sent me, I also posted a reply from her about the monies in my paypal account here they are:

    Congratulations! You became a member of our Company. We are happy to
    you as one of our employees.
    Before we start our work, we want to ask you one more time: are you
    for it? Are you ready to receive and transfer the money funds to our
    Company, using our instructions?
    If you are sure that you are ready, and you really want to cooperate
    us, send us a e-mail, and we'll get started!

    Ipodunion.Inc is young high-growing multinational Company. We have more
    30 departments worldwide (Eastern and Western Europe, Asia, Southern
    North and South Americas). Our company is engaged in correspondence
    managing, distributing different goods worldwide, buying and reselling
    goods. Our Kiev, Ukraine headquarters is situated only miles from an
    that shippers use as a major hub, allowing mail and packages to be
    in the most timely manner. If there is one thing our experience in the
    industry has taught us, it is that reliability is the most important
    our customers look for.

    General job description:
    Receiving of money resources to your home! Receiving, cashing, transfer
    money resources to our Company. We plan to expand our activities and
    for smart people for correspondence assistant/manager position.

    Those who qualify for this position should follow the next simple
    instruction :

    1. Receive the correspondence from our Company to his/her home address;
    2. Report to our manager (every candidate will be included to the
    3. Receive money resources from our Company. Money transfer method as
    described below;
    4. Fill in the forms and papers as it will be shown in our manager's
    instructions (you will receive an e-mail instruction for each money
    5. Receive and cash PayPal transfers from our Company and its clients
    (www.paypal.com) - use only verified PayPal account;
    6. Receive and cash Money Orders and Cashiers Cheques;
    7. Transfer the money to our Company;
    8. Check your e-mail 3-4 times a day (every hour is welcome).

    Correspondence Assistant/Manager based and highly paid job, we don't
    economize on salary employees are main capital of our Company. The
    Company will pay to the employee the salary in the amount of 36000 US
    dollars in year. We pay salary be-monthly 1st and 16th of month. You
    $1500 per one month period from 1st by 16th, and second from 16th by
    You may earn $3000 per whole month for working at home.
    The first month working in our team should show us your skills and
    experiences. First salary, plus bonus are counted by 28 day after you
    transfer the first received money funds to our Company. You can ask
    salary by check or by bank wire transfer (on your choice).

    We'll sign a contract for a long-term partnership (6 months) by e-mail.
    During 2-3 days we'll send you the contract for your signature, after
    you'll resend it to us. Also we'll need in yours copy ID drivers
    license (if
    you have) for our reporting.

    Please be free to ask us any questions you will have.

    Please confirm reception of this e-mail!

    Sincerely yours,
    HR Manager
    Kathryn Johnson.

    Why is the money transaction linked to a sale on ebay?
    Thank you,
    Joyce Smith

    Ipod Union wrote:
    Dear Joyce.

    First money resources (US $1,440.00) were sent on yours PayPal account.

    Our Company requires a constant circulation of the money resources.
    Therefore received the money resources are necessary for transferring to our
    Company after reception of money from Paypal account to your Bank account at
    once. We will inform you details of transfer of the money resources to our

    Pls inform us today with confirmation of funds receiving to your paypal
    account. And exact amount without PayPal fees.
    And transfer money today (US $1,440.00 - PayPal fees) from your PayPal
    account into your Bank account. After that inform us.

    Pls don't answer on emails of our clients. If you are received the emails
    from them, pls inform us with this email.

    Sincerely yours,
    HR Manager
    Kathryn Johnson.
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    Re: Is Ipod union a Scam?

    You are naive to unbelievable degree. :eek: :eek:

    Why do you want to get involved in money laundering operations or eBay fraud, especially related Russia? Have you heard of mafia?

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    Re: Is Ipod union a Scam?

    WELLL... I am new to this stuff so yes is the answer to your question ! It looked legit to me ! Thankyou so much for replying to me ! I will close my paypal account ! :o

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    Re: Is Ipod union a Scam?

    First of all, they use bad grammar and spelling. It's just bad business. Second, why would they need a middleman to get their money? Paypal, from what I know, is worldwide.

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    Re: Is Ipod union a Scam?

    My husband said the same thing. Anyway I reported Ipod to PayPal, CSI, and Carrerbuilder so they are all informed of them. I guess I should also contact state police because they now have my drivers license ! I didnt relize it was a scam. Next thing I will find out is that I'm doing crimes somewhere in the world ! OH goody for me. UGH !

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    Re: Is Ipod union a Scam?

    I dont think it is money laundering, but I can say for certain, that they want you to transfer the money into your bank account and then send it to them is ridiculous. Because after you "inform them you have the money" and then send it, they will just reverse charge your paypal account and then you will be paypal negative, which then will draw from your bank account to get a zero balance.

    This is like those Nigerian lottery scams etc. I am always amazed that ANYONE falls for this.

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    Re: Is Ipod union a Scam?


    i always wonder how crooks find people that are actually gullible enough to fall for this stuff!!!!! i guess that is what greed does to a person, it turns off their intelligence!

    that is unbelieveable!

    man o man.... good for you for having the guts to admit that you were actually dumb enough to fall for this unbelievably idiotic scam.... maybe someone else will learn from your experiences. thanks for sharing.

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    Re: Is Ipod union a Scam?

    i got the same thing from them a few months back they said they found me on carrerbuilder.com but i tried to look them up there and never found them they sent me the 1500 bucks so i transfered it to my bank account and then took it out i held on to it for about a week and sure enough they reversed the transaction with paypal and my account went into the negitives good thing i held on to the money insted of westernunioning it to them cause i had to put it back. then again i got to thinking what if they reversed the transaction cause i didnt send them the money. the only thing it could be if they didnt reverse they money if i would have sent it to them is money laundring it would show bussiness transactions of money the receved and theres a middle man to toss up the paper trail

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    Re: Is Ipod union a Scam?

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