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    Has anyone heard of "The 3600 Club?

    You mail out 500 sales

    letters and make at

    least 5 sales, then

    move up to a manager

    position and make

    money from your

    previous sales. Then

    move up again. They

    are out of Wolf Creek,


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    Re: Has anyone heard of "The 3600 Club?

    they are charging you a fee?

    then the "sales" are others that are also charged a fee?

    no real product?

    i think i found it:


    Join now and pay only $360.00
    Here is What You Get!!

    The Home Based Business Survival Guide -- $79.95 Value

    Direct Mail Secrets -- $69.95 Value

    Millionaire Marketing -- $159.95 Value

    Guerrilla Marketing -- $59.95 Value

    Online Mastery -- $89.95 value

    Personal Online Tracking Center -- $379.95 Value

    A full time customer service staff -- $497.00 Value

    And Much More...

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