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    Travel to Go

    I was wondering if anyone has any info on this vacation club. Thanks

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    Re: Travel to Go

    What you want to know?
    Do you have more details.

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    Re: Travel to Go

    Plenty of information if you do a search:

    Travel to Go [scam]
    Also at ripoffreport there are 12 registered complaints thus far dating from 10/25/05 to current.
    "In the confrontation between the stream and the rock, the
    stream always wins - not through strength, but through persistence."
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    Re: Travel to Go

    My husband & I went to a presentation in San Diego last month and a man named Jason gave the pitch for all of these HUGELY discounted vacations including r.t. airfare for literally NOTHING. He stood up there and gave example after example after example of exotic and outrageous destinations in 5-Star resorts and wowed us all with "his" VERY "special" price. This was through Travel To Go by the way. When we joined we thought it was odd HE couldn't log onto their website and SHOW us these places, and that we only had 3 days to cancel. Turns out, they're a TIMESHARE LIQUIDATOR and they would LOVE to buy YOURS, and add it to their inventory! EVERY place was an RCI place, and when we logged on, we saw literally NOTHING to select - month after month there would be one or 2 max. dumpy places. The promised 50% off cruises were a page of 5 that were 8-10% off. He even lied and said Disney cruises were included. Well, Disney doesn't discount their cruises, EVER. A travel agent can get better prices. Don't be fooled by them, we own a timeshare and it's far less to use it or even book through an online place then get sucked into this scam. It is nothing but a scam. I'm going to check into the supposed "A" rating with the BBB. IF that's true, it's only b/c people aren't bothering to report them after getting out. Ask THEM why they don't use this "wonderful" resource, our guy said it's b/c he has 6 kids. WHY wouldn't you? At $2K for a week for a family of 4 surely he could add the other members and pay $4K for the trips to Australia he told us about? Nope! We felt SO STUPID when we found out. LOOK INTO IT And don't believe the "Our boss is giving a discount to the first 2 who buy!!" We were the last to leave the room, and in the parking lot 4 others were telling us how THEY got a discount for having AAA, being a Marine, being a teacher, etc. One couple paid $5K one paid $4800, we paid $4500 and another paid $6K. The only thing in common was we all got taken and we all left pissed and cancelled the next morning. They outright lie to you. It IS a timeshare rental and you don't get to us the good ones. It's a crappy timeshare rental. RUN OUT OF THERE!!!!! :

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    Re: Travel to Go

    My wife and I were getting ready to retire and decided that we would like to do a lot of traveling as we have never had the time to do it before. In order to get the best deal we thought we would join one of those "vacation clubs" as we have heard some good things about them. We attended this company called traveltogo and they were talking about how we can get this amazing luxury resorts for just a fraction of the prices that anyone else could ever give, some even up to 80% off. Sounds like a great deal so we ended up buying the club and putting down $3000 cash as the first part of the payments. We felt we would easily save this much with all of the different trips that we would be taking at these promised huge savings.
    DO NOT use Traveltogo.com!!! About a month after purchasing we decided to book our first trip to Mexico and wanted to stay at the same resort that they had used in the examples at the presentation we had attended. When trying to book first of all we were treated very rudely over the phone because we didn't remember our member number. Once we got that part straightened out, obviously the customer rep was just having a bad day, or so we thought. They then asked as to where we wanted to go and we told them to the Mexican resort that was used in the example presentation, they told us it was not available and that we had to pick something else. This already seemed strange as we are not supposed to have any "blackout" dates. We said ok let's try another this time they said it was available but when they quoted the rate I nearly fell of the chair, it was over $1200 a week more then anything that we had been able to find on our own at the same resort. So much for saving money. When we complained and asked for a supervisor we were told they were busy and we would have to be called back. Well that never happened, when we complained more and requested a refund were again ignored. We were starting to see that his is a scam company and we were going to be out our $3000 downpayment for a useless travel program. Travel to go scam is a horrible company and I would recommend in staying away from them! Further research showed that they have several FTC, BBB and even Legal Filings against them! Travel to go ripoff is a horrible company and I am shocked that they can still continue to operate as they seem to do nothing but rip people off! Needless to say we have filed our own lawsuit against this horrible company however it's probably just going to be another lost cause like all the others. How does this company stay in business when they are ripping people off, everyday?
    Stay way from travel to go scam it's a complete ripoff and they will take your money with no product like they promise!
    Johnathan & Tammy McIntosh

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    Traveltogo Is A Ripoff!!

    TRAVELTOGO.COM is a scam!! BEWARE!! I booked flights on traveltogo.com and contacted the company. I spoke with a sales representative to reschedule flights but I got the runaround until after the date of flight.
    We had bought travel insurance and in this case, my travel companion was ill with medical proof. They reported us a no-show to American Airlines voiding all credit.
    I have emailed the company eight times and I have called to claim insurance and to speak with a representative with no response and no coperation. They spoke with a heavy accent and
    is impossible to understand. Do not waste your time with traveltogo because they will scam you and you will end up like me filing complaints.

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    Travel To Go


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