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    University of Internet Marketing or Justin Blake

    I've been contacted by these people after flling in an online questionnaire.

    They operate as the University of Internet Marketing and the guy on the phone mentioned Justin Blake and Charles Ryder in a way that I was supposed to have heard of them.

    I don't know anything about them. I've spoken to someone on the phone and I will be speaking to them again this week... the second stage... obviously this is the money conversation.

    Anyone have any information about them? Good or Bad would be appreciated.

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    Re: University of Internet Marketing or Justin Blake

    Scam all the way. Their organization is a P.O. Box. Their organization consist of 2 people with reported anual sales of $200,000. They are not even good at scamming.

    Also when you see something like this on webpage
    Click Here to Reserve Your Spot In Our Inner Circle Success Group Now!
    you must immidietly run away. This is not just a red flag, this is a field of red flags.

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