I purchased an info product ** some so called online marketers over at the warrior forum.

Mario Brown, Brian Anderson don't seem to be living up to their 60 day no hassle money back returns policy on their sales page.

I'm about ready to take legal action against these marketers. I bought their product and didn't really like it. It just wasn't my cup of tea.

I asked for a refund and they have been giving me a very tough time.
Some guy ** the name of Daniel Tan replies and it seems like he just doesn't want to process my refund.

He was wondering why I returned all of his courses.....I returned them because they are not my cup of tea.

I've called PayPal and they are looking into this. I'm going to make sure I file a complaint with the FBI and FTC if I don't get my money back and also make sure I pursue civil action.

It's about the principle. Don't buy this product or any of their products until I get my money back.