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    Do you carry overseas?

    This one is common. They want to buy product with US credit card (stolen). They will give you the card number and insist you use their shipper and pay the shipper immediately after they pay you with the credit card. They want you to wire the shipper the funds of course.

    From:Dave Broen [mailto:Davebroen@live.com]
    Subject: Inquiry Needed

    This mail is to make inquiry on the below question.

    1- Do you carry overseas? (though i already know of a freight forwarder that will pick my packages from you,since they ship lesser than any other courier and they are so effective in shipping my goods to me here in ARMADALE,Australia is estimated to be 3-4days) I have used their services in the past and it was splendid.
    2- Do you accept credit card for payment(my U.S.A Master and Visa card to be precise)?
    Kindly let me know your comments on these, before i send the items i am interested in purchasing from you.

    In this case the shipper's name was Expert Freight Express Cargo (United Kingdom) or E.F.C or Expert Freight Company at 486 New Cross Road, London, , SE14 6TJ.

    The person they wanted the funds sent to was: GANIYU SAHEED which may be a real name since they need ID to claim funds.

    Also funds can be sent to the bank account of:
    Mrs Opperman Debbie
    Freight Cargo's name: E.F.C
    Expert Freight Company
    Email: expertfreightcomp@att.net
    486 New Cross Road, London, , SE14 6TJ
    PHONE: +44702-401-4353
    However the funds should be sent to another name:
    Bank name:NATIONWIDE
    Account Name, Tony Barrie

    From: Expert Freight; expertfreightcomp@att.net [mailto:expertfreightcomp@att.net]
    Subject: Re: Shipment to Australia

    Thanks for making E F E C EXPERT FREIGHT EXPRESS CARGO your number one courier for a shipment moving from your location to our client Paul Smith in NSW,Australia you would have to remit the payment to our branch office in London you will find the information to make payment to below:
    Receiver's Name: GANIYU SAHEED
    Receiver's Address: 486 New Cross Road, London, , SE14 6TJ

    After you are done sending the money you will get back to me with the information below:
    Sender's Full Name:
    Sender's Full Address:
    Total Amount Sent:
    MTCN (Money Transfer Control Number)
    After providing all of this information you will advise on package ready time and i will send you a commercial invoice after all paper works for shipment will be handled ** us then you will print out and paste on the boxes after you've done that and confirmed to me that you have i will send out our local agent to have it picked up.Thanks again for making H and M Cargo Express your number one courier.

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    Re: Do you carry overseas?

    Here's an updated address the scammer is using for the shipper:

    Mrs Opperman Debbie
    Freight Cargo's name: E.F.C
    Expert Freight Company
    Email: expertfreightcomp@att.net
    Unit 32, Fourth Avenue, Westfield Industrial Estate, Midsomer Norton,
    PHONE: +44702-401-4353.

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    Re: Do you carry overseas?

    PHONE: +44702-401-4353

    phone that begin +44 70 are a call forwarding service, often used by scammers, to pretend they are in UK.

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