:Just got defrauded ** Verizon. Both my and hub**'s phone breaking down, so we went in to get upgrades and new contracts. Had been good paying, sixteen year customers. We were recommended a flat $50.00 a month per phone plan for unlimited calls, unlimited texting, and unlimited web, plus the purchase of a couple simple, discounted cell phones. Said it was "new plan" they were trying out to see if customers liked it. Never mentioned "prepaid" , said we could terminate at anytime and go back to old plan if we did not like new plan. Forgot to mention would lose our phone numbers if we were not happy. Never mentioned that the plans would not be together. Both are under my husband's name!
They cut your service off at 28-29 days after paying. Difficult to make a payment, can't do it online for some reason. We now have a broken phone and a plan we hate. The web surfing is SLOW. We lost our money on the phones, the current service for the phone that doesn't work, we paid to terminate our old contract on one of the phones. We lost our ability to upgrade from our last contract. And we will now have to buy new phones from someone and buy new contracts. Oh yea, we lost both of our phone numbers we have had for sixteen years. Any suggestions, I'm very open? Can you say, fraud, coersion, extortion!
Lost close to $1,000 overall.
Disgruntled Cassi