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    Used, sick, homeless, broke, friends left me, ....

    This is my police report I am sending the police and I was told to sue him ** a lawyer. Anyone have advice I am so screwed on my moms tiny couch and she does not want me here..................
    • Kenny Gilbert moved into my apartment in Long Beach late May 2011. He didnt have a dollar for the bus he didnt even have food to eat or a pillow to lay on. I use to share my food with him and I let him borrow a total of $20 so he could get to and from Crenshaw area so he could be with his girlfriend.

    • He told me he had never been to jail or been in a gang, but that he used to drug deal when he was in highschool and he had to fight a lot. He said he had never lived in a "sober living" and it was a really run down apartment with holes in the screen, mice, and bugs.

    • Every night he came home at about 4am and would leave again the next day around 9am-6pm. A couple times we walked to the train together or once we went to the donut shop and ate there. We road the bus one time and he told me he had been involved with a scam where they cashed illegal immigrants checks so they couldnt track their identity and he knew a guy who made perfect fake checks and they cashed them in a line at a warehouse for a year. 3 or 4 of his friends would go he said and cash checks.

    • I told him I wanted to move out and he told me he wanted to buy a car. At this point he had no idea I was on SSI or I had any back pay money he just knew I had a couple dollars to lend him now and then. He said he always paid back with INTEREST because that is the right thing to do when someone borrows money. He told me he knew a guy that if I had $2,000 he could get me a car worth $4,000. I said I had about $4,000 for a car and he said then he could get me a car for like $10,000 from an auction; like new car.

    • I bought a new $200 metro phone one day. He had once told me metro had a deal and if you bought a metro phone at a new location that they give you half off of the price of the phone. I showed him the phone when I got home and he was super excited for me that I bought a new phone. I asked him if metro was still half off at a new store and he told me it was. It was not true.I returned the phone and ended up going all the way to the other side of the city and spending actually more money for accessories that came half off with a new phone at a new location.

    • At the end of June is when we started to really get to know each other -I thought- better. His phone was old and falling apart. In July I wanted to move he said he knew a guy with really nice studios for $500 a month. My other roommate said he was full of b.s. because he was never right and come the end of the month Kenny disappeared and never answered his phone. Myself and my other roommate were all planning to move that weekend and they were going to these other rooms for $200 and $300 a month shared with other guys in a nicer area. When Kenny never showed up my roommate was pissed because we delayed paying our rent that month.

    • Kenny also told me about a job. He brought me home a business card and told me he use to work for them and you work from home and since I have a laptop and a cellphone the would hire me easily. I called the business recruiter and scheduled a meeting.

    • Kenny rode the train with me to the meeting and said he would go with me. On the way to the train he said he wanted to go through the neighborhoods. While we were walking he asked me if I had heard him on the phone that he was getting so many calls and if I wanted to know why? His story was his family was in New Orleans for the past month fighting a case against Chevron Oil the past 20 years. I thought it sounded ridiculous. I just listened to him and I thought it sounded nice but I didn't really think it was true. He kept telling me what he was going to do with his money. He said his dad won $750,000,000. It was his great grandparents oil well and Chevron had stolen it 40 years ago. The court case was not on the news because the media where not allowed to report on it since it was a theft from an oil company. He said everyone in his family were jumping up and down and screaming and their voices were gone because they had screamed they were so happy. He said his dad was giving him $30 million and he would have $5 million interest and $160,000 a month for the rest of his life because the well was still pumping oil

    • When I get to the place to meet the recruiter Kenny gets a call and says his girl friend Vickie V. had been called to the emergency room and couldn't go to the meeting. He looked almost in tears. I tried to find him a ride and he took the bus and didnt come home for like 3 days. The meeting was completely fake btw. There was no job you could work from home with a laptop and a phone. He just made me look stupid and stupider every time I told somebody that I was moving and then didnt move, or get half off of my phone and then didnt, and now a job that was nothing like he had said.

    • I called my roommate and told him about Kenny winning the court case with Chevron and we said he was full of shit. When Kenny came home he told me not to tell anybody about it because it was so much money he didnt want people to find out. He said for 20 years they were fighting this case and just now had finally won and that all these years they had been waiting and waiting to see if they would win. He kept telling me what he was going to do with the money. He said he was a very generous person and that he wanted to open a couple shelters and help me start my own business. I begin to fall for it and he told me he would buy me ANY car I wanted as long as it was not like a Bugatti that is would cost like nothing. I still only half believed him but the idea sounded so nice.

    • This was all in July. Everyday all day he just talked about millions of dollars and where he was going to live and I begin to wonder how much money he would actually give me. He told me I could come work for him in the beginning until I figure out what I wanted to start as my own business. He said I would never have to ever ride the dirty trains again or live in these types of places because I deserve to live in better types of places. He sympathized with me that I was different and that he would protect me if anybody ever messed with me. At this time I emailed someone who was like my boyfriend but lived out of state and asked what kind of car would he want if he could have any car in the world. I started looking stupid all over again. My boyfriend never even responded he had flown to Miami where he told me he had slept with a couple strippers. I was devastated and was sobbing, literally weeping that he had done this when I had just found out I would be "starting my own business and becoming a millionaire"

    • Kenny told me that if my boyfriend did that he was not good enough for me and we would go to the mall and shop until I drop and to not worry because soon I will have so much money I would have zero problems and anyone I wanted. He showed me a bank statement from Charles Schwab brokers accounts with his name on it and said his lawyers had opened him an account. Then he told me they had also sent him a real estate agent who had emailed him million dollar homes in Temecula and Marina Del Ray. This is when I just fell for his story because he did have emails from a real estate agent and even a text message asking him when he would be deciding on a purchase from his home his name was Ryan D.
    • Then I saw the homes and he had me write down a couple and we spent 3 different times about an hour just reading the homes he had listed. I emailed myself these messages because he said I could although he never knew I did.

    • Kenny then added me on his facebook that he still has and just made this year right when he moved into our place in May. I told my family all about it and they all told me it was not true but I swore he had proof and he would not lie to me because I had been there for him so much before any of this happen feeding him and lending him bus fair and planning to move out together that I would know if he was making something like this up. I forget when I told him but it was during this time that I was on SSI and I had just been approved in June and I have been waiting for over 5 years to get approved. My backpay was $9,000 split between two checks and I received $1,400 a month for June and July. I thought that was like nothing next to millions and now that we were planning to go into business there was no reason to hide that.

    • I never told anyone else about the money he said we would buy some cars next month when he got money or if I wanted to spend a few thousand and just get something to drive around in before that. I did but we never got that far. One morning he came up to my bed and sat down and told me he had just gotten over the phone with his friend and his friend has a business that he invests money once or twice a year he goes across country and comes back in a week and if Kenny could give him $1,000 he would give him back $3,000 after his trip, but Kenny said he had no idea where he would get $1,000. He did have a paper that said he was on unemployment and he showed me and the people at our apartment for $3,000. He said the check would not clear for a week and he was stuck not getting it on time until it would be too late. I thought of my checks that still weren't cashed and I told him what if I gave him like 2 or 3 thousand dollars how much would he come back with. He told me he would come back with 6-9 thousand dollars. He said I should only do 2 though if I wanted. He told me his dad was trying to get $1,000,000 from the settlement and in less than a month Kenny was going to have $250K but his friend needed the money ** Wednesday and that he would be back in ONE WEEK with triple the money. So I tried as fast as I could to cash my checks at cash checking places instead of waiting to get my new I.D. and opening a bank account I went to a check cashing place. One day I cashed one check for $6,500 and it cost $200 to cash. I told him what if I gave him $4,000 he said in one week he would come back with $12,000. Then he said he would give me $20,000 on top of that with the money his dad was coming back with at the end of the month and that he would have $250K in the bank and we would go buy cars and move to Marina Del Ray and never have to live like this again.

    • We meet at the blue line Slauson station and I bought lunch. I gave him $100 for his pocket and $4,000 in an envelop. We rode the bus to a place to buy some shoes because both of our shoes were falling apart. I bought him 2 pairs of Jordans and he bought clothes with the $100 I gave him. While we were shopping he disappeared for a little while I couldn't find him and when I found him he was outside. He said he was calling me to come outside to meet his friend who was going across country and my phone wasn't answering his calls and he left me a message. We were at the Cerritos mall. I wasted more money on food and clothes for myself and jewelry. He told me I couldn't just buy one pair of shoes and I should buy all 3 I tried on. So I did. He said he was late to meet his girl and if we could take a taxi home it was only like $25. It was $50. I paid the taxi a nice tip.

    • He told me to put the rest of my money on a card so none of the guys would be able to steal my money. He left for his girlfriends house and the next day I called him and I asked him if I gave him another $2,000 how much would his friend bring back and he said $18,000. So I did it. I cashed my other check for $2,500 and they charged me a little under $100 to do that and I met him at the Slauson station and he took the money in an envelop and I went back home. I just rode over there and gave him my money. I told him I wanted to buy a new phone and he asked me since his phone was so old and beat up if I could give him that phone just until he could afford a new phone also next week. I told him I would so about 3 days later he came down and we met at the Tmobile store in Downtown Long Beach and he told me he needed $300 to rent a car and that his friend who was going across country owned a gambling ring and he had been doing some work for him and he was in Beverly Hills. I gave him the phone and $300 and he told me we needed to buy me an anklet.

    • He didnt shake my hand or hug me hello or good**e and I thought that was weird because he told me when his family gets the money he will be hugging and kissing and everyone would be crying. I tried to shake his hand good**e and he almost just pushed my hand away and thats when I felt like something wasnt right. I text him and told him he would have to learn to shake hands better than that if we were going to get into business together and he never text me back. I noticed it was weird he had on a different pair of brand new shoes and he told me his girlfriend was on unemployment and gave him about $500-$600. He told me he had gotten his unemployment check and wired it to his friend and sent him the whole $3,000 and his friend was actually going to bring him back $18,000. I said "how are you getting $18,000 if you are only giving him $3,000?" He said ** doing it twice. I wasnt sure what he meant. I just trusted him because he talked about only good things and how much he appreciated my help and how much he always took care of people in his family and he hated gangsters, rapists, and racism.

    • One of the last times I saw him he came home for about an hour packed up a bunch of his clothes in a bag and folded all his clothes neatly in his dresser. I had no idea it was getting ready to pick up in leave when I wasn't there. I asked him "why are you working if we are going to be rich next week?" He told me since his friend was doing him the favor of giving him triple our money so he could invest it with his money and make all of us lots more money he had to do a couple jobs for him like when I gave him $300 to rent a car. He looked really tired and his eyes looked like he hadn't been sleeping and he said he has to work all night and he hasn't eaten. I told him he has to eat and I would probably not see him for a couple days so I gave him $100 for food thinking he was still just flat broke.

    • I was still very upset about my ex and a day later we talked on the phone he told me I should go to a hotel for a week and when he gets done doing some work for his friend he would have $45,000 for me. He told me not to cry about my friend because soon we would go shopping and I would have a new car and we would have new apartments. While he was gone he told me he had a friend that could find us nice apartments but he needed $100 so he asked me to wire him the money.

    • I went to a motel I knew of for a week and just wept and wept because my ex had still been in Miami and that is probably how I was so easily manipulated besides the fact I was gullible enough to believe this whole story he got a whole nother $100 out of me after spent about $200-$300 in a hotel. This whole time I just spent the last of my money. The next morning I was in the hotel Kennys phone was off. I waited all day and his phone never came back on. He told me his bill was due on the 7th and it was the 7th of August.

    • On the 8th of August I called the police who said it is a small claims issue if this is all true and he is gone. I emailed 4 of his contacts of people he showed me were his family in his wallet he told me he was his family. He called me from his new number and told me to stop worrying that he had to change the number and his car got impounded that he rented and never to contact his people on facebook. I emailed everyone back on facebook and apologized and said Kenny was a good person and he would never rob and that he had gotten into some trouble and he had called me back and I didn't even file a police report.

    • Then he stopped ever taking my calls and would only text. The rest of the time is all the text messages I have on my cell phone. I called Ryan D. who was his real estate agent who was zero help and told me if I ever find Kenny to let him know. I have a voicemail from Kenny telling me relax that all our money is on the way and he was at the bank to get it from the money his dad deposited in the bank for $250K. On August 19th Kenny said he was in Washington and he would be back at 12 noon and he would have all my money and not to worry I have it all saved in my text messages.

    • I told him he really had to show up and please not to delay any longer because I had no more money and I had moved out of our apartment and had to go stay with a friend. I realized on August 20th Kenny was never coming back because he never answered the phone again and he never text me back.

    • One night I went to the park to sleep and I emailed all his contact everyone of them and told them Kenny really had robbed me for all my money and I was sleeping in a park and his brother called me from an Unknown number and said if this was all true and what information on Kenny and that all my money was probably gone.
    I have his I.D. #, birthdate, old bank account number, and he has a record and I have his middle initial.

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    Re: Used, sick, homeless, broke, friends left me,

    Since he also has my old phone I have doing my best to find an address through that number. I have the girls name it is activated under. I have her work address and I am trying as much as I can to find her birthday at least because then the phone company will give me her phone number and probably address.

    I am going to the Corp office later and they can at least deactivate the phone because I have all the old phone properties of the phone; box, and Receipt

    A couple times we logged on my laptop onto his yahoo email. I have been searching for a way to find it because being the honest sod that I am I never clicked remember and for the life of me can't remember what he told me the password is. Here is a link to a product you can find someone elses password if they ever log in your computer and rob you for almost $10,000.00


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