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    Mobile Transport Inc Damages Cars & Refuses To Fix


    Mobile Transport Inc is the worth auto transporting company there is! They damaged both of my 2011 Toyota Sienna Minivan and my 2001 Hyundai Sonata transporting them from North Carolina to Oregon resulting in over $1400 in damage. It took 51 days of me calling and writing before they finally told me that they werenít going to pay for any of the damages they caused. So unethical!

    You can see pictures of the damage they caused at http://www.lompico.org/mobile

    Hereís what happened:

    8/31/2010: I received both vehicles and they both had paint damaged. My 2001 Hyundai Sonata had paint rubbed off the front bumper ** the front driverís side tire. Caused ** a tire strap? My 2011 Toyota Sienna had blue paint scratched onto the front bumper. Rubbed off from the car they pressed mine up against? The minivan was only 2 weeks old and brand new off the dealerís lot.

    I wrote the damage down on the acceptance forms before signing them. I Emailed pictures of the damage and the acceptance forms to my broker: Dependable Auto Movers.

    As a next step, I was told to go get 3 quotes for the damage.

    9/13/10: I sent over 3 estimates for each vehicle. Here are the quotes I had to spend hours getting:
    - Hyundai Repair Quotes: $884, $899, $1002
    - Toyota Repair Quotes: $570, $743, $561

    9/21/10: Mobile Transport Inc claims they have not received anything so I resent the photos and report sent on 8/31/10.

    10/1/10: My broker, Lisa from Dependable Auto Movers, told me to call their claims representative Tom at Mobile Transport, Inc. on Monday and heíll cut me a check. She told me to call 1-509-368-9449 because NO ONE ever answers their main number: 1-509-443-5827.

    10/4/10: I called Tom at 509-368-9449 at Mobile Transport Inc. and he claims he just heard of the claim. He asked me to email the pictures of the damage and the acceptance forms where I wrote down the damage. I told him that I already emailed that to him twice but that I will email it again. I also decide to send him everything via certified mail so he canít claim that he hasnít received anything.

    10/6/10: Package with letter, photos of damage, car receiving forms with damage written on them and repair quotes arrives at Mobile Transport Inc. USPS Status: Delivered your item was delivered at 11:57 am on October 06, 2010 in SPOKANE, WA 99212. The item was signed for ** Y PUKLOWSKY.

    10/7/10: I Called Dependable Auto Movers and spoke with Sarah. She told me that they have had lots of contact with Mobile Transport Inc. Including speaking with a dispatcher there (Mark) on Sept 22nd and he confirmed over the phone that he received everything and would pass it onto Tom. She also said she re-emailed everything on 9/21 and 9/27. She spoke with 2 different dispatchers and they said they would forward it on. She told me she would call Tom again today.

    10/11/10: I called Tom and he says they need to send someone out to see my acceptance forms. I ask why since he already has a copy and he gives me no answer. I press him again and ask for a reason since he already has a copy of the forms. He refuses to give an answer and simply says itís what they need to do next. I assume this is another delay tactic. Tom then takes back what he said earlier about this being a new case and says he first heard from Sara on September 13th. I confront Tom about the fact that heís already had this case in his hands for a month! He offers no explanation or apology. I assume they take so long that you give up.

    10/17/10: Tom sends George (one of their truck drivers) over to my house to see my forms and the damage. He said he would report back to Tom.

    10/21/10: I called Tom and he told me that theyíre not going to cover any of the damages. I asked for his insurance company and he put me on perpetual hold for 10 minutes before I finally hung up. I called back 4 times and was sent immediately to voice mail each time.

    Next Steps: Report the damage to my insurance company and let them go after Mobile Transport Inc. Report Mobile Transport Inc to the BBB. Perhaps sue them for the damage and the amount of time Iíve had to spend on this.

    Final Summary: NEVER EVER EVER deal with Mobile Transport Inc. Not even if your life depends on it!
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