I was told I had a new, permanent job at Fuji Film in Stamford, CT, through an agency. I filed the necessary paper work for benefits.

Instead, on my first day, they told us they were putting us through some testing and that not all of us would necessarily last the week.

They had us come up with testing scenarios for our positions as software testers. The next day I admitted some doubts about something I wrote down, but one of the leads there, Duncan, told me that what I wrote was good and to design one my tests, that we were to describe in fuller detail, on that point.

I wrote up the full tests as instructed. Then they told us that at the end of that day or the next day that we would get phone calls asking us not to come back if we didn't pass. There was no phone call, but it was a most unpleasant evening for my wife and me.

I came back the next day and they told us we still had to wait for their decision and had us wait in the lab room all day. Periodically, they would ask us to speak to different people--some of them asked us very basic computer questions. Others seemed to lack communication or personal skills, and it wasn't always clear what they wanted to ask.

Finally, just a little before five pm, they had us go to speak with Duncan. Duncan informed me that I wouldn't be coming back. I asked him what was wrong with my report, and he wouldn't say. I asked him if he read it--he said he had, but he didn't seem to notice the bug I found in the test I ran.

In any case, maybe I wasn't qualified for the position. If I wasn't, they shouldn't have hired me and fired me a few days later. If had some skills that made me valuable, they should have put me through training and three months probation. Finally, I never signed up to be a contestant on a reality show, and I certainly didn't receive that type of compensation.

They put my wife and me through needless stress, toying with our lives as part of a cruel joke.

Also, when I walked the halls there, it didn't seem like anyone was ever smiling and they provided coffee but no milk and only sugar sometimes. This may seem trivial, or maybe it's a sign of other more serious issues.

Anthony Bourdain has written to check how clean a restaurant's kitchen is, check their bathroom--they are usually at matching levels. Perhaps looking at a company's breakroom is a telltale sign too.