Mary Kay sales manager Ms. Kim Bright in Charlotte, NC area stole cash from my wallet and charged my card for a very large amount to purchase herself some services. The above were stolen from my bag while I was staying at her place where she invited me to. Later on Ms. Kim Bright was planning a robbery of my belongings on a coming business trip. I filed a police report in the county where Ms. Kimberly Bright resides. We have met on EHARMONY dating website. Management of both Eharmony and Mary Kay were informed of the incident. This has happened in the fall of 2008. As of August 2011 Ms. Kim Bright is still operating her Mary Kay business. I am concerned about her customers’ safety and security of their wallets, their credit cards and other personal data. She is especially targeting the audience who are more than 35-40 years old. Most likely she has accomplices. This person is of a very serious concern.

Ms. Kimberly Sandra Bright (MARY KAY sales manager) is originally from Rhode Island and drives a car with RI license plates. She may be back in RI now. Her address in SC (Charlotte area) was or is: 7377 Sun Dance Dr., Indian Land, SC 29707 – a new residential townhomes development called “Hannover” located south of Ballantyne and north of City of Lights on R-521. Her car (BMW) license plate I think was “BG-8″ (Rhode Island). She is usually very kind in person, I would say, too sweet.

The fraudulent charges on my card that originated from her theft of my card details:

Transaction date: 11/29/2008*
Amount: $1,920.00
Location: YAHOO *HOTJOBS -866-753-3200 ,CA

Pending CHECKCARD 11/29 PM BA**
323-603-0188 AZ Debit Pending BA**
Amount: -$63.65

Her photo ~2008:

Born September 3, 1972

Lancaster County Sherriff’s Dept. Case # 08-32348

Her EHARMONY profile: