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Thread: DVDS for Cancer

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    DVDS for Cancer

    This is my first post, so Hi from Australia.
    I have come on here mainly because I have had a bad experience with a company called "DVDs for Cancer". I ordered a box set of dvds in June, and 6 weeks later, still hadn't received them.I wrote 3 emails asking where they were and after 3 weeks finally received an answer saying they could resend or refund me. They said they'd need my address, another month later and I still hadn't received a refund or my DVDs. I have sent another email demanding a refund.
    I believe this site to be fake, this person goes on saying they have been sick with cancer and all the proceeds go to their treatment. But why would someone so sick, treat others like that and rip them off. If anyone else has had any experience with them please let me know. :zx11pissed:

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    Re: DVDS for Cancer

    People are shameless using cancer to shill products, then not even honor the shipment.:

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