I was looking for a room in NYC and sent an email for a private room rental. They responded that it was not available, but could help me getting a Corporate Rate which was 150 cheaper per night. They booked the hotel room for us, in my name, and said he would check in, get the points, and then we would meet later to settle up. Do you think he just wants the points as he indicates, and how will I ensure if I give him the money his credit card would be good at check out. His words are "
I book our corporate rate, I have to checkin to prove I qualify for
> the rate and your name is on the reservation. If I'm not there to
> meet you at the hotel you can just pick keys up from the front desk
> (as I've already checked in) and we can meet later to settle up the room charges.
> You get a room at a great rate, and I get status credit for the stay.
Thanks for any info as I am going in September