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    Global Travel International

    I keep getting emails to be a travel agent from GTI. Now, I'm not really interested in being a travel agent, but my sister in law is thinking of joining this company. Is there some sort of red flag I should warn her about before she pays any money? I was always under the impression you had to go to school to be a travel agent. Am I wrong? Please give me some insight so I can save her some money if it isn't legit...

    Thanks, and keep smiling :D

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    Re: Global Travel International

    This is an easy one. Have your sister in law ask them if they cap commissions at 10%! Note that many cruise lines and vacation/tour companies actually pay GTI 12, 14, 16% commissions. They, however, base what the agent gets on a 10% "base" commission. THEN they want to split that with the agent 50/50. Finally, try and get this amount. GTI can make you wait up to 90 days after THEY receive the commission to receive your pitiful check. Look around, do the research. Google "host travel agency".

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