Mr. Michael Peterson, which will claim to have a PHD in a lame karate school, and has no relation to any real PHD, is not suppose to be around children because he has a child endangerment charge from two women, one is Vivian, his former wife, and the other is Kim where he held a knife to her throat.

I warn all northern Kentuckian's of Florence Kentucky to never ever be around this man. He and his wife Megan Peterson have issues in the State of Ohio, and there is a presumption that Megan should have gone to jail. All of this is over children and you do not want this man Michael. S. Peterson of Premier Martial Arts to never be around your children.

The other thing to realize is he has people, like Joe, which is really Michael to pose on the internet to defend himself. This is all a hoax, and Joe does not exist. Joe is really Megan.

He likes to watch little children get undressed, five year olds, and this is very odd, and has been brought up in the Ohio court.

Recently, he has been raided ** authorities and has had to give up all of his guns.

All anyone can say is to watch out for Michael S. Peterson and Megan Peterson they are mental and have some serious issues.

Please, take this to heart. I do not want another child to be a victim under their circumstances. Please, take this and realize he is an unruly man.