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    Roohanimadad.com scam

    My friend gave him $200 for the services which he promised but
    after taking the money he never replied to emails or calls.
    Hes a cheater.....Dont waist your money and
    time with him...he
    makes fake promises and lies. Hes a scamer..
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    Re: Roohanimadad.com scam

    This is an false story. Roohanimadad is always replying emails. Even free reading is being answered. Its happened only in summer that admins was not online two weeks. They are allways replying emails.

    If any body is feelign that they havent recived any thing from us they may contact by email.

    Some people are not getting access to roohanisecret webside. So they are trying to scare people from taking course. This is a bad trick and we will not let us down for this.

    roohanimadad is having over 700 members and 30 students. All of them are happy with webside.

    If somebody dont get help they will get there money back.

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