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    Phone grant scam

    An elderly friend lost over $15,000 to scam artists over the past 6 months. We discovered this only after my friend was admitted to hospital and we had to collect his mail for him. His mailbox was stuffed with lottery and other mail scams and they were arriving at a volume of approximately 40 per day. I answered his phone a couple of times only to hear scammers with all kinds of pitches and scams almost always with requests for bank account/social security/driver's license numbers or anything that could be used to hijack my friend's identity. Our elderly are very vulnerable to these thieves. I would urge anyone reading this to keep an eye on your elderly parents and friends in this respect.
    Now to the Government Grant scam: "Linda Nelson" called my friend's number and told me that my friend was qualified to receive a government grant in the amount of $5,000. Although I realised right away this was a scam, I asked her how my friend should go about applying for the grant. She told me it could all be done over the phone and that all she needed was my friend's bank account number and either his social security number or driver's license number. She told me her company "Consumer Consulting Corporation" located in Champlain, NY would handle all the processing and all that was needed was a fee of $326.26 which could be handled electronically. She asked me to call her back later with the information at 877-665-9999. She would not give me the address of the company. All the time in the background I heard sounds that could only be described as "boiler room". To put an end to the conversation I asked how her parents felt about raising a thief.
    I would urge other posters reporting phone related or other scams here to include in their posts the names used, phone numbers and any company names associated with these crooks so that they can be exposed by a google search.
    google those crooks.

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    Re: Phone grant scam

    THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR YOUR REPORT! Within the last hour, I received a telephone grant scam. These individuals were good! To keep it short, they claimed that I was entitled to a $5,000 grant. This would not have seemed strange to me since I have been affiliated with a major grant affiliate in the past. However, the "eye-opener" came when the telephone call had to be recorded for - get this - Federal rules and regulation purposes -- but the information provided changed!

    Two representatives worked me - one name is "Sabrina White," the other "Aleisha Benjamin." (Of course, these could be ficticious!) Same number you had provided: 877-665-9999. I also received 877-369-7669. The address given was "129 Albany Road," a similar address to another grant site.

    When it came to the recording -- the information provided changed. Instead of the original conditions, it was modified to appear as though I would have a debit of $326.26 taken from a checking account. When I clarified this with Ms. Benjamin (who had an soft voice with an accent -- a voice you would truly trust!), she claimed that it had to be worded so for federal requirements. I then knew enough to shut the conversation down.

    After searching the 'net, having plugged in the "877" number, I came across your posting as the ONLY ONE! I feel so much better.

    Again, if it had not been for the fact that I have been involved with grant programs, I would not have been taken by this call.

    What bothers me so is that one of the indivduals involved seemed SO SINCERE about helping others -- telling me if I chose to decline, she would strongly advise against it.

    It is amazing how there are those out there who would get up in the morning to go to work just to scam people -- it is sickening!

    I think someone must be wanting to do a number on me -- this is the second scam I received within, I think, a week's time. Another scam artist claimed to be from PCH. I knew that this move was a scam and shut it down. This individual actually used the name of an agent of PCH. I then called PCH and was directed to their scam line, which informed, in so many words, that my call could not be processed now and to call later -- and then I was disconnected! WHAT?!!! I then called back and spoke to a rep who seemed nonchalant about the matter; she told me to call the Fraud Center.

    Help me, someone, but if I had called straight to the source who was being infringed, should I have to do the leg work in calling other agencies as well?

    Anyway, Xposem, thank you.
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    Re: Phone grant scam


    I too believe the people at 877/665-9999 are liars and thieves.

    from my mother-in-law's LG vx4400 Caller ID: [No Name] 877/665-9999 Sep 5 [2006] 12:21 am [eastern] 3 min 15 sec

    A woman called my mother-in-law, saying she was calling from New York, offering her a $5,000 goverment grant and asking for bank account info. My mother-in-law asked her to wait while she got out her bank book. Instead she asked me to talk to the woman. I said that my mother-in-law didn't understand what she wanted and would she please explain it to me. She said something like "She's eligible for a $5,000 goverment grant. What might she want to do with it?" I ignored that stupid question (designed to side track me from enquiring about the trurth) and instead asked her why they were offering the grant and what was the name of her company. One or both of those questions must have overtaxed her feeble brain. She hung up.

    An honest person would have patiently explained anything I needed to know.

    For many months now I have been "preaching" to my mother-in-law that strangers who call her must be assumed to be thieves until verified independently. It appears she is finally beginning to believe me.

    Since this appears to be a US company, I filed a formal complaint with the US FTC, at

    The FTC uses the info as tips to try to round up the proof they need to pursue these criminals.

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    Re: Phone grant scam

    There is another scam, they say you can get government grants.

    Be very careful. DO NOT GIVE any information.
    It is a SCAM.
    I am filing a complaint with the BBB and everyone else I can think of.
    They TAKE money out of your BANK account without your permission.
    I am still trying to get my money back.

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    Re: Phone grant scam

    Yes, the phone grant scam is a very common and old on.

    I have received the phone call too and they got so mad with me because
    they couldn't sucker me that they threatened me. So I called them back
    and began harassing them.

    It's usually some foreigner--- middle easterner--- to be exact that is behind the phone calls..and they use every trick in the books to sucker you into giving them information.
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    Investment & Advertising Forum!
    Free speech,Scams, Ca$h included!
    Bring the Scams, we love roasting them!

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    Re: Phone grant scam

    Have you been contacted by Inner Circle Corp (ICC), this company CLAIMS to have the ability to get your business thousands of dollars in Grant *******!

    PLEASE be aware that it is a SCAM!!!! There are several fraud companies in the state of Nevada posing as a grant servicing companies or non-profits and Inner Circle Corp (ICC) is one of them.

    Please call the STOP GRANT FRAUD HOTLINE at 1-877-278-2320 for more information or to report the company that contacted you!

    The scam is simple, they tell you they can help your business get thousands of dollars in grants but ONLY if you pay them a RETAINER fee.

    Mike Jones has been opening and closing grant scam companies for a long time! Please go to www.ripoffreport.com and view report #509426.

    The 20 plus years of experience they CLAIM to have is experience in Grant Scam Boiler Rooms, where they take retainers for services they NEVER provide! Please report these scammers to the STOP GRANT FRAUD HOTLINE 1-877-278-2320 or send an email to StopGrantFraud@gmail.com

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