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    Lavon Gretchien forexinbox.com and 44 others SCAM

    hi, I am writing about Lavon Gretchien and forexinbox.com he owns 44 domains for financial product review scam websites and is suspected of phishing scams. I also see lawsuits and FBI cases against him. - http://www.phishtank.com/phish_detai...&frame=details

    I don't know what to do he has targeted pfgbest and threatened to post fake scam information about pfgbest if we do not pay him hundreds of dollars. he has the serves on forexsocial.com - I don't know if I should contact FBI or Homeland Security or the local police department
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    Re: Lavon Gretchien forex-scam.com forexinbox.com SCAM

    Sаdly, forex industry is full of scаm but to аvoid it you just need to hаve the right аpproаch. For exаmple you cаn аlwаys check info on topbrokers website which I do. I cаn reаlly help you а lot.

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