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    Vi Sal Us and Insurance

    A few people on FB who promote Vi are claiming that BCBS will cover their auto ships under the premise that it is a wellness product. Seriously?! I tried to google that and all I came up with is some work at home forum where someone is claiming that, nothing verifiable though.

    Has anyone heard this? And would an insurance company seriously cover a diet shake? If so, why can't I get reimbursed for Slim Fast then?


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    Re: Vi Sal Us and Insurance

    maybe it's included in obamacare? i haven't met anybody that claimed to have read the whole thing, so nobody knows what is in it, yet.

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    Re: Vi Sal Us and Insurance

    I'm still in school, but I'm already thinking about my future career. I've always wanted to help people, but I'm not attracted to being a doctor or a fireman. So I decided to choose a career in life and health insurance. It takes a special exam, but I hear it's a little hard. In some States, the exam pass rate is 54 percent and many do not pass the first time. If you have already experienced this, can you share your experience, please?

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