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    "Lead Computers And Digital Inc"??

    Hey folks, I found this job posting on *****slist and it actually sounds sort of legit, but at the same time a case of "too good to be true". This is what I received after sending in my resume; has anyone heard of this company, or if this a scam?:

    Congratulations !
    Hello *****
    Your application is successful. The Quality of your resume and response was highly considered ** the board before you were selected,you start up firstly with the training process which would last for a week and then full start-up. This is just a formal mail to inform you that you have been selected for this Job and to get ready for start up. Appointment letter and others would be mailed to the address you would provide us to be delivered next week after the test of duty/Trust. Now let me give you insight to the Job in question and your duties, How to get started, Benefits.

    ****************************** ****************************** ****************
    ****************************** ****************************** ****************
    Working from home with the company's provided computer is a broad expatiation's of how the online duty is performed working from home. You are required to use the equipments because there is a wide range of software installed on the system to protect data, ease duty, also enhance speed and accuracy of duty online. The Company's equipment that would be shipped to you are liable to be yours as ( Ownership ) after a period of 2 months of working with the Company.

    We are not deducting funds from your payroll for Taxes, all Our Online staffs are expected to complete their taxes forms after payroll ** themselves.

    The Company is running the Online Recruiting as a temporary measure towards the completion of our Centers in Canada,so most of our online staffs would have the first hand opportunity to apply to become permanent staff when these centers are opened. So i can assure you that you have been offered a great opportunity to perform giving your best to performing Administrative/Data Entry duties in exchange for a good pay.

    The company's website for the Home Business Unit is under a URL change and it involves a very high re-organizational process that involves bringing all our online staffs to log-on on the same Network Online with their staff ID. As soon as the website is launched within the next 10 business days then each online staffs can have a log on ID/Password to get access to their duties online while still communicating with their supervisors.

    ****************************** ****************************** *******************
    ****************************** ****************************** *******************
    Please provide answers to the following schedule so we could update your folder on the administrative desk.
    1. How many hours are you willing to Work per day?
    2. What time range.( Morning Section 8am-12noon or Afternoon section 3pm-6pm)?
    3. Payroll Interval. ( Weekly or Bi-weekly ) ?
    4. Payroll Method . Direct deposit ( Royal Bank Of Canada only )

    Basically before you get started, the company would be providing you with funds to purchase some important software required for the duty in question and then you will be receiving equipments from the company's shipping agent. Dell Laptop Pentium D Duo Processor , all in one Printer, Scanner and Fax Machine with a wide range of software already installed on the system.
    ****************************** ****************************** **********
    ****************************** ****************************** **********
    Test of duty/trust would involve you handling funds on behalf of the company to purchase the needed software and also to handle the shippment of your mini office equipment to be shipped to you from USA. The test of trust is your first call to duty,this will be your first assignment before you begin your training. You will be receiving a payment from the company shortly and would be required to follow proper directions, accurate deduction and documentation is expected from you. This would be the only payment you would be required to handle on your own.. all other future payments would be forwarded ** you to the company's accounting details which would be made readily available to you upon your start.
    IMPORTANT : Make sure you send your contact details,and your answer to the payroll questions, so that it can be forwarded to the company's accounting department for processing,also for you to be able to receive your test of duty/trust package.
    Details should be sent in the format below :

    Your full name.......................... ...
    Age:.......................... ................
    Gender:----------------------- -----------
    Address....................... .............. Not P.O Box
    City.................State.... .................
    Post Code.......................... .............
    Phone #home&cell.....
    Email ..............

    I look forward working with you as an online staff

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    Re: "Lead Computers And Digital Inc"??

    Seriously - has anyone ever heard of this company? I can't find them online anywhere....

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    Re: "Lead Computers And Digital Inc"??

    UPDATE - definately a scam. They seem to be located in the US somewhere, but will not divulge any of their own corporate info. They are posting this job on *****slist, in multiple cities, and have now just started asking for banking info. The two names that I have are Stephen Alexander and John Rey. Their email address (shared?) is stephenandalexander@gmail.com

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    Re: "Lead Computers And Digital Inc"??

    it's a very common scam. anybody can buy blank business checks. criminals collect account numbers from real businesses, but cashing the check is too dangerous. instead, the criminal runs an employment ad to find some sucker that will cash the check and send the money back ** western union. WU never checks identification of people getting money, and if they did, the criminal has fake identification, anyway.

    it doesn't matter what they say the check is for - don't cash it and never use western union to send money to somebody you do not know.

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    Re: "Lead Computers And Digital Inc"??

    Scam Scam that you should stay away from. It is not a great site that any body would be recommended to join.

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