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    MicroTouch Max, "Magical Micro Trimmer With Built

    I purchased this trimmer. The online order software automatically doubled my processing fees after I rejected the extra offer. I complained and did NOT get an answer. I finally received the product and it was really cheap crap...This is a disreputable deal and they basically wear you out and make complaints very difficult or impossible....30-338

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    Re: MicroTouch Max, "Magical Micro Trimmer With Bu

    I fell for Microtouch's trap, the TV offer was for $17, and then the box came for a total cost of $67.99. Overcharged for trimmer kit for $24.98, then $5.99 for extra blades I didn't order, and outragous S&H for $31.99 to send a 1 lb 3 oz box across Los Angeles via ground service.

    It took me 2 hours and four calls to find someone at company who would answer my questions about returns and they will only refund amount of product, not rip off S&H.

    I checked - UPS ground service costs $8.41 and USPS, with a free box would cost $5.20...so much for them charging me $31.95 for S&H...total crap. Do not do business with this company for any reason. Not registered with BBB, stacks of online complaints and crap product reviews. next time, search online first before you even consider buying off a TV offer!

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    Re: MicroTouch Max, "Magical Micro Trimmer With Bu

    The previous post is absolutely right. This company allows you to order their product, but then you have to jump through many, many hoops of them trying to sell you something else. And he is right, they doubled my shipping cost; the shipping cost was almost as much as the product.

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