Glass Doctor
2135 S W Temple
Salt Lake City, UT 84115
Ph: (801) 412-0200
Fx: (801) 328-4213

They are a scam because they lie to their customers to get their business. They are a scam because they take your money after agreeing to complete a job within a time period that they themselves created. They are a scam because they give you an attitude when you call to follow up to see why it has been a month and they still have not completed the job that you paid them for. They are a scam because everytime I call them there is a new excuse as to why they have not completed the work. They are a scam because when I followed up today they still can't tell me when they will have the work completed. Please do yourself a favor and use a different glass company. These guys are a joke! You have been warned! If you want a headache, poor service, and a new full time job of following up with them to get what you paid for in a timely manner than this is the company for you!:zx11pissed: