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    mods delete please

    mods delete please
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    Structure Wise inc - Fraud & Scam company

    Sharon Cooley & Mike Cooley

    Please be cautious when doing business with Structure Wise Inc., Sharon Cooley or Mike Cooley as you might have to use legal channels to collect any payments.

    There have been a few law suits that were filed and won against Sharon Cooley and Structure Wise Inc related to past due payment collections. They seem to have a history of defaulting on their payments with many distributors and manufacturers.

    For more details, you can see and court orders by searching Sharon Cooley or StructureWise inc. on the internet.

    Check it out this link: http://www.complaintsboard.com/compl...c-c368527.html
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    I got scammed by East Coast TVs

    Don't buy from East Coast TV's. They charge extremely low prices for TVs but will only ship the order if you purchase an expensive warranty.

    On August 9th 2010 I purchased a Samsung 40" UN40C6500 from EastCoastTVs. Later that day, I received an email that said: "Please Call 866-496-5784 ask for david to confirm you order thank you". I called and they tried to sell me a warranty and a wall mount. I said "NO". Dave said the order will ship in 7-10 days. After nine days there was still no TV. Then I received an email saying: "Please call gabe concerning your order".
    I called Gabe and he said the TV was damaged by the trucking company and they no longer have it in stock. I told them to cancel my order (actual audio is on the youtube video). So, I called back five minutes later, under a different phone number, and they said the TV was still in stock ready to ship. So I you want to get scammed by a bunch of Jersey boys shop at EastCoastTVs

    If you want to hear the actual phone conversation I uploaded it to youtube: just search for East Coast TVs Scam

    I knew the transaction with East Coast TV's was going to be shady, but they were and still are around $300 cheaper than the One Call, Amazon, Crutchfield, etc. I figured they would hassle me for a warranty purchase, but what I was not expecting was flat out lying to a customer. After my two phone calls to ECTV's, I thought about calling them back and confronting them, but at that point I was disgusted and did not want to give them a dime of my money. I guess Jersey has the show Jersey Shore and East Coast TV's giving it a bad name.

    I ended up purchasing the TV from One Call and received it in 4 days.

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    Dropshipping advertising scams

    I recently god done over by a company advertising, work from home opportunities selling video games through their dropship site, everything seemed great when I registered with them they even sent me out a free gift when i registered (even though it was useless it was still a nice gesture) Once I started selling through my ebay store the items started getting shipped then suddenly my items stopped being shipped, and it took up to a month to figure out that they weren't getting posted. I mean when one or two packages goes missing in the mail it can be written off to lost in the post, but when 47 packaged ordered over 28 days don't arrive at their destinations there is something wrong. Once I contacted the company about this they were full of excuses and kept telling me to "give it some more time they will arrive." So ive waited longer and in the extra time I gave them I had several paypal disputes opened against me for items not received. had to issue over $2000 in refunds for items that never arrived, all of which I had already paid the dropshipper for. Once I got back in communication with the supplier they then started changing their terms and conditions and even information on the website to state that even though they ship world wide, items to Australia were sent at buyers risk, obviously to avoid having to issue refunds. Once the threat of legal action had been placed they even claimed to have NEVER SOLD OR ADVERTISED a couple of the games in question. The battle is still ongoing with these guys so if anybody has been getting into the dropshipping game then AVOID www.game-dropshipping.co.uk because they are a scam, they'll start off like theyre legit then they'll rip you right off as soon as you start getting comfortable.

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    Hollywood Boxing Gym is running a membership SCAM

    Hollywood Boxing Gym at 1551 N. La Brea Ave in Los Angeles is running a membership scam.

    First they lock you into a year contract without telling you that they refuse to let you out... and they begin billing you immediately. If you try to leave, they don't allow you to cancel your membership... even if you move out of the area (which is against the law).

    They ignore you, refuse to let you out of your contract and threaten you with harming your credit.

    This gym is evil and the people who run it are crooks. Save your money and join a real gym...

    (not to mention, the gym is a piece of crap)

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    Savvaidis Associates:Illegal houses for sale

    :zx11pissed:We got ripped-off by this company and has caused us 4yrs of worry and heartache.
    Savvaidis sold us an ILLEGAL HOUSE that is almost worthless.He continues to sell illegal houses so to avoid getting skanked by this man please visit www.ripoff report.com and youtube"Savvaidis Associates".

    If you're already in the process of buying through this company ask to see your building licence before parting with anymore money!Never Never use one of his "suggested lawyers" as they will almost be corrupt and signing you up for a NIGHTMARE!!!

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    Diamonds International

    :bah: We purchased a diamond ring for my wife on a cruise in Puerto Rico for a little over $2000.00 and within 3 days diamonds were falling out. We spent countless hours and Paula had finally said to mail it back and they would "Build a new ring" as she said the one we purchased was resized (From a size 6 1/2 to a size 6) and that was the reason. Since then we have lost 4 more stones and there is no guarantee we were told. So if you know anyone that is thinking of purchasing a diamond ring from Diamonds International, tell them to buy from a traveling street vendor, they might have better luck. This company is a poor example of a reputable business supposedly referred by the Eurodam Cruise Lines.

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    Giftsnideas scam from Giftsnideas.com

    We have placed an order for our parents overseas.
    Order was not delivered at all.
    My attempts to contact Giftsnideas support resulted in nothing. My calls were dropped (felt like intentionally) and my emails and chat requests were not answered.

    Finally when I submitted into BBB someone gotten back to me few days later and said that gift was not delivered with no explanation at all:
    Dear Customer,

    We apologize for the inconvenience caused to you. We will check with the local agents for the delivery details and will inform you the delivery details or the reason for the non delivery of the order.

    Kind Regards,

    Company seems to be based in India, even though the inc. state is Delaware... I wonder what can I do in this situation.
    Also found their BBB profile with 'F' rating:
    and some reviews about them:

    My money were wasted with them and surprised ruined.
    I'd appreciate any help in situations like this...

    Also wanted to warn everyone on this form about this!


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    Tom Vlachos Chateau De Cristo

    I was scammed by tom vlachos at Chateau De Cristo Jewlers in Boca Raton. I want to save other people from the same mistake. Jewelry was left on consignment and was sold and I was never paid. He has lied, bounced checks and gives you the constant run. I have to sue and this is a giant headache. Safe your self the aggravation and don't go there.

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    Prodori Jewelry is a SCAM

    I have undeniable proof that Prodori Jewlery is no high end jewelery company they are just a junk company owned by the Vortal group (which also owns Policeauctions.com)

    The truth is all on my blog!!!

    Click to read!!!


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    Passions, Spring Mtn Rd, Las Vegas NV

    I went to passions one night and they wanted $300, I told them it was too much and I'm a local. If I gave them referrals, they'd give me a kickback. They dropped it down to 100. I told them I'd be back later. A month went by, and I decided to go in. They took $100 and told me a better room was $100 more, then $100 more for an even better room. Then $100 more for a special bonus. Then $100 more for the "Full Reflexology" its the same thing, they rub your hands feet and ears only. It looks like a strip club on the outside, The girls are attractive, but they do not stip. They will take all your money and leave you feeling like a victim. They will allude to something better but there isnt. It is cash only

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    HIDGEEKS.COM retail scam

    Was looking for some HID lights for my vehicle and found HIDGEEKS.COM during my google searches. This product was advertised as high quality German made products, but when I got them, there were no labels on the ballasts or markings of any kind to identify the manufacturer. Ordered the product and received it in a reasonable amount of time. I tested the product as soon as I received it and this is when the problem started. One on the ballasts for the product was bad out of the box. I tried emailing them to get a new one shipped, but no answer to 5 or 6 emails. Then I tried calling their 800 number, which has not answered over about 10 calls in a month. The number just rings a couple of times, clicks and hangs up.

    This transaction was disputed through paypal and HIDGEEKS.com told me to ship the product back after several days of attempting contacting them through paypal. The only contact I got back from them was when I disputed the transaction on paypal. I shipped the product back to them and sent copies of the documents that arrived with the product. I will note that I paid an additional fee for the lifetime warranty. Still have not received a replacement ballast, nor have had any contact from HIDGEEKS.com.

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    Mail Depot, Inc - 757-425-7200 -Paula Ford

    Mail Depot, Inc - Paula Ford - Robert P Krause
    2100 Mediterranean Avenue
    Virginia Beach, VA 23451-4153
    Tel: 757-425-7200

    Very Careless, Incompetent Staff and very arrogant to boot - RIP OFF ! ! ! !

    I signed up for a mailbox with Mail Depot, Inc in Virginia Beach, VA a few months ago, since I was staying in the area and was expecting very time sensitive mail from 3 sources. (One source was a government office located in Virginia Beach, VA).

    After waiting for 3 weeks, I called to see if I had any mail. I was told that my mailbox was empty, yet all 3 sources told me they sent me first class mail 3 weeks ago. Stay away from this incompetent company.

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    Ross Kaba And Rk Designs Co.

    5460 YONGE ST.

    THEIR PHONES NUMBERS ARE: 416-224-0800 & 1-866-712-RKRK (7575)
    THEIR FAX IS: 416-224-1490
    THEIR WEBSITE IS: rkconveyors.com
    THEIR EMAIL IS: [email protected]

    If you have been victimized by Ross Kaba or RK Designs by being asked to pay a deposit for the installation of a conveyor system, but have not had it installed, read on. Youre not the only one. You can get my contact information at the end of this story.

    I entered into a contract with Ross Kaba of RK Designs Co., the supplier and installer of overhead conveyors. Ross Kaba knew that I was putting in a brand new Cleaners in downtown Toronto and that we needed a conveyor system for the clothes. He convinced me to deal with his company rather than SRS Conveyors. He required an $8,000 deposit in early June 2010, with a written guarantee that the conveyor would be installed within the following three weeks, which I indicated was essential. I provided him with the $8,000 deposit, and found it strange when I got a call from my bank the following day saying he was in there to certify the cheque, and the bank wanted confirmation that I, indeed, had issued the cheque. I advised the bank that I had, and they certified the cheque, which Ross Kaba quickly had withdrawn from my bank account. The three weeks expired, without any word from Ross Kaba. I made many, many phone calls over several weeks to find out what was happening, and why the conveyor had not been installed, and why he wasnt returning any of my phone calls.
    I have advised several individuals within the Cleaning industry of my unfortunate predicament in giving him the $8,000 deposit without Ross Kaba and RK Designs fulfilling any part of their contractual obligation to install the conveyor. I also contacted the editor and publisher of Fabricare Magazine and the Ontario Fabricare Association to advise them of this whole nightmare that Ross Kaba and RK Designs have caused us. I dont want anyone else to be sucked into an agreement with Ross Kaba and RK Designs if the same thing is going to happen to them. Ross Kaba and RK Designs ought to be stopped from perpetrating this kind of misleading and dishonest activity. SRS Conveyors was finally contacted to provide and install the conveyor system according to the same specs guaranteed by Ross Kaba and RK Designs Co. SRS Conveyors did a fantastic, top-notch job, surpassing our expectations. I was incredibly impressed and grateful. They didnt even ask me for a deposit.
    I had posted alerts on two YouTube postings. I have spoken to people who have seen those postings, and have been advised that he has done the same kind of thing to a company in Montreal, but for a larger sum of money. They responded to my YouTube posting with the following message: I work for a general contractor in Montreal, and we are also victim of this fraud. I spoke to Mr Kaba on Nov. 26, and since then no news. He even asked for a substantial deposit for his product. Now we are screwed and our client is not happy at all.
    I have spoken to the person in Montreal who sent me that email. As of today, January 5, 2011, Ross Kaba and RK Designs have not remedied that problem either. Notwithstanding the dishonest dealings hes had with me and the company in Montreal, he keeps declaring that he continues his business as an honest person.
    At times, I tried to contact him by the phone and fax numbers listed at the top of this message, but couldnt reach him because all those numbers had been disconnected, apparently for non-payment. I think that hes had them all re-connected
    I know that there was a Sheriffs Office (I believe in Florida) which entered into a contract with Ross Kaba and RK Designs to install a conveyor system, but Ross Kaba was unable to fulfill that contract because he did not have the money to be able to buy the material because of lack of funds. That contract was in excess of $50,000. Ross Kaba and RK Designs have been denied credit from their main supplier because of financial problems with them. I received an email from their main supplier, advising me of the following: Well... I can tell you that R.K. Designs owes [the suppliers name is removed at their request] A LOT of money, and yes he is on a COD basis (due to his misbehaviour). Those words are a direct quote.
    In correspondence with Ross Kaba, I confronted him with the following facts:
    I would appreciate your communications with me to be by email, and not by phone. This way, we have a proper record of our correspondence.
    You took $8,000 from me as a deposit with the written agreement that the conveyor would be installed within the three weeks following the deposit.
    No attempt by you has ever been made to deliver and install that conveyor.
    I have made several phone calls to you back then inquiring as to why the conveyor was not being delivered and installed according to the deadline, but I never received a response to those calls.
    I have been contacted by you only after you found out that someone was looking for you on my behalf. You have since made many promises, including the payment back to me of the $8,000 plus $500 for my troubles by September 15, 2010. Not only has such payment not been given by you, but you never had the courtesy to advise of your intention not to pay by then. It is now October 28, 2010. I am not interested in any more promises, I merely want my money back. PERIOD.
    Contrary to what you may think, there is no conspiracy by your competitors to suck me into anything. I never spoke to any of your competitors advising them of my intention to post the Youtube warning of your [dishonest dealings]. Some of them have been advised AFTER my posting. But you have been warned of this long ago, including my intention to advise those in the industry of your improper practices.
    I have found out that you are not in as good a standing as you try to have me believe, especially in your dealings with [names of companies, including his suppliers are deleted here at their request, but Ross Kaba knows who they are] for past problems they've all had with you. That's why any purchases you make from them now must be paid in advance.
    If you think my posting of the warning on Youtube has "ruined" your business of 18 years, then maybe that exposure has prevented others from being burned the same way you have burned me and my business by your . dishonest dealings....My frequent warnings to you of my intention to expose your [dishonest dealings] went unheeded. That is your problem. I'm wanting to make sure such a thing doesn't happen to anyone else. However, I would seriously consider removing the Youtube alert if you provide me with full payment of all monies owed AND a written assurance that no one else will be subjected to the same kind of dealings that I have had to endure from you. Surely if you bring in $1.4 million a year in sales [as you claim], you should have no problem paying me my $8,000 back. How many other people or companies you may have scammed is not known, but something is seriously wrong with your operation. To somehow blame me for your demise is laughable. Don't forget that BEFORE my posting of the Youtube warning, the following phone numbers of yours were disconnected (apparently from not paying your phone bills): 416-224-0800; 416-224-1490; and 1-866-712-7575. I suppose you will blame me for those too, right? It may be prudent of you to merely pay your bills, refund monies collected from individuals like me to whom you've not rendered any service or provided any product, act honestly and honourably from now on, and don't waste your money on frivolous, vexatious, and abusive lawsuits that have no merit. Use your money and ****** to correct your disgusting past. Please do not try to continue to frighten and intimidate me. It won't work!
    I am in the process of commencing my own legal action against you for the $8,000 deposit and damages you've caused by the delays you've created for the new Cleaners.
    On October 29, 2010, I sent another email to Ross Kaba, wherein I wrote in part, the following:
    "Hello Ross, Are you for real? Do you actually read your emails before sending them to me? Are you really THAT self-deceived? It is amazing how quick and consistent you are in declaring your own "honesty", "great reputation", etc.But for you to enter into a written agreement with me to provide and install a conveyor system within three weeks after demanding and accepting an $8,000 deposit doesn't sound like "honesty", "integrity", "great reputation", or the like. It is shameful! Don't forget, Ross, those qualities don't seem consistent with someone who a) willingly takes a deposit of $8,000 with a written contractual obligation to provide and install a conveyor within three weeks thereafter, b) fails to provide and install the conveyor within the time agreed to, c) fails to advise me that he will not be doing so within that timeframe, d) fails to contact me at all about the situation, e) fails to respond to numerous phone calls, f) makes numerous promises to pay the money back only after successful warnings from me and my acquaintance(s), g) fails to make such payments by the dates promised, h) fails to tell me that he is not going to pay by the promised date(s), i) keeps giving additional vague promises of paying me back sometime, but won't say when, j) keeps telling me that he has an impeccable reputation and is honest, when his track record includes problems with suppliers, former employer(s), client(s), phone company(ies), etc., k) doesn't seem to be bothered by providing more promises, though earlier promises have not been honoured. Do you not see a problem here with that kind of pattern? You seem to take exception with my comparing you with fraudsters. Do you prefer I compare you with liars, deceivers, betrayers, selfish and incompetent persons, poor business operators, or the like? I think any reasonable person in society (based on your problems with me and others, including utility companies) would have no problem with me identifying you with any of that list, and I'm sure the list can be increased. And remember, I don't think drunkards usually like to be call drunkards, murderers don't like to be called murderers, and people who get caught doing dishonourable things like being charged with such offenses. But that doesn't change the fact that they are who they are. Fortunately, society often allows people to rehabilitate themselves so that they can become productive members of society. Unfortunately, for others, they have gone beyond that stage, and are now in a state of no return."
    RK Designs website rkconveyors.com has the following information when you click on Company Profile:
    RK Designs Co. specializes in Enclosed Track Overhead Conveyor Systems, garment warehousing, storage and retrievals with innovative design and layout at competitive prices.
    RK Designs is an experienced company dedicated to finding the right solutions for their diverse clients and committed to leadership, excellence in product quality and customer service [emphasis mine]. We continuously perform product development to provide the most advanced systems in Overhead Conveyors available today, offering customers the capability of increasing production and overall efficiency. In fact, you will see our products in many industries in which goods have to be moved from station to station, stored or shipped.
    Our customer list has been growing steadily. RK Designs now has installations throughout North America and around the world.
    For more information please contact us.

    Tel: (416) 224-0800
    Fax: (416) 224-1490
    Toll Free: 1-866-712-75RK

    I wonder why my experience with Ross Kaba and RK Designs was the total opposite of what they claim in their Company Profile. And that seems to be so for the company in Montreal I referred to above. I have dealt with Ross Kaba since early June 2010, and have only experienced the sad incidents as listed above, causing me tremendous anxiety. How can someone like Ross Kaba claim that he is dedicated to finding the right solutions for their diverse clients and committed to leadership, excellence in product quality and customer service? Certainly not in light of the nightmare they have caused me. Its clear that Ross Kaba is not the kind of man he pretends to be. I sincerely hope that nobody else has to endure what he has put me through.

    Ross Kaba has given me proposals in which he claims he would give me back the money he owes me plus $500 for interest, totaling $8,500. He is upset that my postings on YouTube is ruining his business (according to him), and he is wanting me to remove anything and everything relating to him on the internet that I have posted. He has paid me $1,000 by bank draft, but sent me a PHOTOCOPY (yes, you read correctly, I said a PHOTOCOPY) of a cheque dated December 10, 2010 for $7,500, being the balance of the money he agreed to pay. But he keeps changing his demands. Even though I have asked for proof that the $7,500 is in his bank account (because the photocopy of a cheque means NOTHING), he doesnt provide me with any proof. I told him that friends whom I've been discussing this whole thing with believe (as I do) that he doesnt have those funds in that account. They, too, find is suspicious that hes refusing to pay money which he took from me. He refuses to tell me if he or RK Designs is bonded or bondable, and he refuses to confirm that he has not done similar dishonest dealings with anyone else. As I indicated above, Ive been contacted by a firm in Montreal who alleges he took their payment and didnt install the conveyor system. They tell me that Ross Kaba doesnt even return their phone calls. This sounds familiar.
    There is much more information and documentation I have, including numerous and strange emails from him. If you have been victimized too, or if you have any questions, or want more information and documentation, feel free to contact me. Lets try to stop him from doing this to anyone else.

    Call Andre Fiset in Toronto at 416-975-1500 or email him at [email protected]

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    Mobile Transport Inc Caused Over $1400 In Damage

    Mobile Transport Inc is the worst auto transporting company there is! They damaged my 2011 Toyota Sienna Minivan and my 2001 Hyundai Sonata transporting them from North Carolina to Oregon resulting in over $1400 in damage. It took 51 days of me calling and writing before they finally told me that they werent going to pay for any of the damages they caused. So unethical!

    You can see pictures of the damage they caused at http://www.lompico.org/mobile

    Heres what happened:

    8/31/2010: I received both vehicles and they both had paint damaged. My 2001 Hyundai Sonata had paint rubbed off the front bumper by the front drivers side tire. Caused by a tire strap? My 2011 Toyota Sienna had blue paint scratched onto the front bumper. Rubbed off from the car they pressed mine up against? The minivan was only 2 weeks old and brand new off the dealers lot.

    I wrote the damage down on the acceptance forms before signing them. I Emailed pictures of the damage and the acceptance forms to my broker: Dependable Auto Movers.

    As a next step, I was told to go get 3 quotes for the damage.

    9/13/10: I sent over 3 estimates for each vehicle. Here are the quotes I had to spend hours getting:
    - Hyundai Repair Quotes: $884, $899, $1002
    - Toyota Repair Quotes: $570, $743, $561

    9/21/10: Mobile Transport Inc claims they have not received anything so I resent the photos and report sent on 8/31/10.

    10/1/10: My broker, Lisa from Dependable Auto Movers, told me to call their claims representative Tom at Mobile Transport, Inc. on Monday and hell cut me a check. She told me to call 1-509-368-9449 because NO ONE ever answers their main number: 1-509-443-5827.

    10/4/10: I called Tom at 509-368-9449 at Mobile Transport Inc. and he claims he just heard of the claim. He asked me to email the pictures of the damage and the acceptance forms where I wrote down the damage. I told him that I already emailed that to him twice but that I will email it again. I also decide to send him everything via certified mail so he cant claim that he hasnt received anything.

    10/6/10: Package with letter, photos of damage, car receiving forms with damage written on them and repair quotes arrives at Mobile Transport Inc. USPS Status: Delivered your item was delivered at 11:57 am on October 06, 2010 in SPOKANE, WA 99212. The item was signed for by Y PUKLOWSKY.

    10/7/10: I Called Dependable Auto Movers and spoke with Sarah. She told me that they have had lots of contact with Mobile Transport Inc. Including speaking with a dispatcher there (Mark) on Sept 22nd and he confirmed over the phone that he received everything and would pass it onto Tom. She also said she re-emailed everything on 9/21 and 9/27. She spoke with 2 different dispatchers and they said they would forward it on. She told me she would call Tom again today.

    10/11/10: I called Tom and he says they need to send someone out to see my acceptance forms. I ask why since he already has a copy and he gives me no answer. I press him again and ask for a reason since he already has a copy of the forms. He refuses to give an answer and simply says its what they need to do next. I assume this is another delay tactic. Tom then takes back what he said earlier about this being a new case and says he first heard from Sara on September 13th. I confront Tom about the fact that hes already had this case in his hands for a month! He offers no explanation or apology. I assume they take so long that you give up.

    10/17/10: Tom sends George (one of their truck drivers) over to my house to see my forms and the damage. He said he would report back to Tom.

    10/21/10: I called Tom and he told me that theyre not going to cover any of the damages. I asked for his insurance company and he put me on perpetual hold for 10 minutes before I finally hung up. I called back 4 times and was sent immediately to voice mail each time.

    Next Steps: Report the damage to my insurance company and let them go after Mobile Transport Inc. Report Mobile Transport Inc to the BBB. Perhaps sue them for the damage and the amount of time Ive had to spend on this.

    Final Summary: NEVER EVER EVER deal with Mobile Transport Inc. Not even if your life depends on it! :zx11pissed:

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    sports apparel wholesale distributor????

    Does anyone know any sports apparel wholesale distributor. I am planning to open a store in the summer and was looking for a good one. It seems like the ones on google are all scams(lol)

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