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    Scam??? i think so..

    This ad i saw on gregslist. I replied and i got this

    Sorry for my late reply but i was in hospital and unable to respond.
    My ad has expired but the car it's still for sale. My 2005 Acura TL is in good condition, no scratches, no damages, never been involved in any accidents, no problems at the engine, runs very well. It has a 3.2L V6 EFI engine, Automatic transmission , 59,250 original miles, clear title, a perfect car, VIN: 19UUA66245A059548. The price is not negotiable $2,450.00 firm. GREAT gas mileage (I average between 29-31 mpg on hwy).
    I just moved in Salt Lake City, UT and the car is here with me. This belonged to my husband and after he passed away i decided to sell it. My name is on the title.
    Due to the fact I am very busy with my work and I don't stay too much at home, the car is already at the shipping company and will be delivered from there very fast, shipping cost is included in price. The transaction will be made under eBay buyer protection plan. So if you are interested i will give you further details.

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    Re: Scam??? i think so..

    And this is how i would pay

    Here is how it will work:
    1.First of all I will need the following details from you:
    - Full Name
    - Full Shipping Address
    - Phone number for contact at any time
    2. After I will receive the details from you, I will forward them to eBay support.
    3. Once i open the case they will send you the invoice with details about payment, shipping and insurance.
    4. eBay will contact me and I will release the shipping of the car to you (the shipping will take 4-5 days). After you receive it you will have 10 days to test,verify and do whatever you need to the car. If you will buy, then I will receive the payment from eBay so that I can pick up the money.
    5. If you will decide that you will not buy it, eBay will refund the money 100% and I will have the shipping company come pick up my car and you will not pay nothing for it .
    The shipping is free from you, so the total price you will have to pay for the car is $2,450.If you will not keep the car the money will be refunded to you ($2,450.00) and the car shipped back on my expenses.I hope i resolved everything and this transaction will go smoothly for both of us.

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    Re: Scam??? i think so..

    yes, it is scam. there is no "free shipping" for cars, and ebay is not involved in this transaction. the scammer will send fake messages, supposed to be from ebay, telling you to send money to somebody ** western union. if you send money, it is gone, forever, you cannot get it back and you won't get a car.

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