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    hello all forum members,
    i want to know that what do you do when we give you the information that we are caught in a scam and waste a lot of money.
    will you do inquiry for this or just tell other people about this.because my friend had lost 15000 in a work from home company.If you do something then i will give you detail do that he will get his money back.

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    Re: Scams

    money back is very rare. sorry. criminals usually spend the money, not keep it in a box so you can get it back.

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    Re: Scams

    $15000 your friend should have been start enough to own his/her own work at home business.

    The best thing to do is they need to have all the documents from him and the scammer plus the proof that they spend that type of money I hope he/she used a credit card or something. Make sure they file a report with the law enforcement and just be caution until they find the prick.

    After that go hire a lawyer and file a claim report and take it from there.

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