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    Bill Campbell/ Sutter Community Health Care

    i found myself in a snare with this guy after applying to what i thought was a bonified job listing for an emergency dispatch job in my local area. i went to a link that looked like a union website and did the job application and candidate assessment. then i got emails from a man calling himself Bill Campbell saying that the next step is to email him at [email protected] with a copy of a resume (didnt i just do that) and that he would be back in touch. i had moved on to applying at other jobs and didnt bother with it cause i was skeptical about dealing with yet another temp agency that didnt advertise as such.

    then i got an email from this person saying - did you get my email? which was weird cause since when are Human Resources people that 'courteous' about people who dont respond to emails?

    he gave me a link to another 'candidate assessment' which basically asked for the same information that i gave to them and when i looked at the link, everything raised red flags...

    when i googled him and the website i got a bunch of people from all over the country mentioning him and the same MO, a promise of 911 dispatch jobs but they included getting hit up for 18.95 for a testing manual that was little more than a typo-ridden pdf file and a promise for a follow up call that never comes...

    so here is all the info to beware:

    http://www.suttercommunityhealthcare.com/ - turnkey bs website

    Bill Campbell - so called hiring manager

    address on the website

    Sutter Community Healthcare Professional Staffing
    10 N. Martingale Road
    Schaumburg, Illinois 60173
    United States
    (888) 580-5529

    [email protected]

    on googlemaps the address yields a link to several businesses NONE of them this Sutter Community Health Care.

    beware, anyone claiming to be offering jobs temp or perm NEVER asks you to pay anything!

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    Re: Bill Campbell/ Sutter Community Health Care

    I live in Austin Texas. I'm not sure where you are but this guy is running the same scam here. Should we report him to the Attorney General's office for fraud. I think I'll email him and let him know the scam is up.

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