Hello, i guess i should intro myself - just a regular US citizen minding my own business when i got a strange email 3 days ago in my job application email INBOX and not spam...

hello Ryan
how are you doing and Stephanie?it's me Selinson so i have one problem my parent's does get job to pay my school i want you help me Ryan because i want going to school i love school because the street life is at the school .

i thought it was just a misdirected email (my email addy starts with 'ry') so i said:

I'm sorry you've got the wrong person - I am not ryan
Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

then i get:

what your name?

so i go:
My name is none of your business, I am not whom you are looking for stop emailing me
Sent via BlackBerry from T-Mobile

then i get another email...

where are from?

i get that this person DOES NOT SPEAK ENGLISH *yahoo france acct* but NO means NO in every friggin language

I told you to stop emailing me! If I get another message from you I will report you to yahoo for harassment!

then...nothing....UNTIL TODAY

the motherf**ker found me on FACEBOOK! - i thought that i turned my search options off and i dont use that address as my FB login, i was PISSED when i got a FRIENDS request and a message from this a-hole!

hello [my last name]
how are you doing?it's me Selinson,my name is Rosier Selinson i have 13 years old i'm Haitien i live at Port-au-Prince with my parent's,I Want To Be Your Friend.my Email is selinson_001@yahoo.fr.

Excuse me i told you that i didnt want you contacting me, that i was not interested in being your friend...i dont know WHO you think you are but i'm sure you are old enough to know to take NO for an answer. go scam someone else. go away.

ok my friend
can help me because my parent's does get job to pay my school?i need you help me.

OH HELLS NO! trust me before i found this place i was ready to go to 4chan and let the trolls have him....but i dont want that sort of drama on my conscience so i came here to at least warn people.

hence my screen name..i am not freakin Oprah...i'm in debt to the Dept of Ed for YEARS for not being able to pay back my student loans and some snotwipe is bugging me to pay for his 'schooling'....SCREW YOU whomever you are

here is his facebook account...before i block him and get it shut down for harassment.


unfortunately i have my email on several job sites and resume places in the hopes that i can get a better paying job so i guess i have to get used to jerkoffs trying to do this. sigh.