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    Enterprise Management Group Inc. Julian Williams

    Julian Williams
    Enterprise Management Group Inc. / Enterprise Label Group Inc. SCAM!!!

    I got the following email on myspace.com on Dec 23rd, 2010 "Contact me at 213 278 7773 if you seek the best in management. You are highly talented.

    I called Julian Williams, and it started out something like this...

    "My name is Julian A. Williams pka. J.I was borned and raised in the city of South Central Los Angeles,Ca., I'm the CEO.(President)of Enterprise Management Group Inc., and I have three offices out of various states such as California, New York, and Louisiana. Currently I have a very well diversed management company that handles the talent of many musical artist such as..." http://www.songcastmusic.com/artistbio?id=36841

    We spoke for hours the first time and the next couple of days and he was constantly calling me.

    He is a very knowledgeable person of the music business and he will make a lot of sense.

    He will start telling you what you need to do to take your career to the next level and ultimately secure a record deal with a major label he has a joint venture with, Warner Brothers Records and Universal Music Group.

    He will offer you a management contract, and will start asking you for money to cover legal fees.

    He then will ask you for money to achieve whats needs to be done to get your music career going.

    Other people I have talked to he has asked them money to pay for producers, who are real and legit, and he will ask you to call them and ask about him, but he ultimately uses them to scam you as you wont see nothing get done for you.

    In my case, he told me we needed to do a large radio campaign to secure a record deal, which is in fact a way to get signed, but he never came through.

    To make me believe he was real, he got my song played on WCCG-Soul1045fm based on Fayetteville, NC where it played for about 2 weeks over night.

    He then asked me for $5,000 USD to make my contribution for a large radio campaign, where my song would be added to regular rotation to several FM Radio stations across the US.

    He also was forwarding me email where he was dealing with Rob Cavallo, The chairman at Warner Brothers Records, in regards to preparing a record deal from me once the radio campaign was running.

    After I came up with the 5K and sent them to him, I called Warner Brothers and asked about him and they told me they didnt know who he was. They then got me in touch with their legal department and confirmed with Rob Cavallo himself that those emails were fraudulent.

    A couple of months passed and he stopped communicating with me and the radio campaign never happened.

    Also, other victims, like Tesa James, got in touch me with and shared thier stories with me.

    If Julian Williams of Enterprise Management Group Inc. ever contacts you do not fall for his lies, he will sounds very knowledgeable and legit and will ask you to call producers, music business contacts, etc to make gain his trust.
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    Re: Enterprise Management Group Inc. Julian Willia

    joSeph gomez Stop Been A Cry Ba** You Gay Ass Canada Dude!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Re: Enterprise Management Group Inc. Julian Williams

    Yeah well yeah he tried to get me also

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