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    Easy wasy to make money..items.any?

    Are there any fast ways to make money that aren't scams? I've done things like inboxdollars and treasuretropper and Wealth wars, they are all really slow. Anyone have any good sites that you can make easy money. If cashgames works out it is going to be easy to make money because I can make about 30 dollars in less than an hour on the trial version that you don't have to deposit money for. But for cashgames I would only try to get up to 600 dollars then deposit because then I would have to give away my Social security number.
    (I'm a novice magician and it cost alot to buy effects)
    But yeah another thing, are there any good sites in which to fill out offer forms so you can get free items? ..I'm pretty new at this stuff.

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    Re: Easy wasy to make money..items.any?

    Nope and Nope and Nope again...

    Sites for free stuff? Consider what info. on yourself they ask one to provide
    about yourself... then V'ola!... loads of nice little juicy phishing spam emails
    every day to load up you mail box with crap and slow down the Inter-
    net. If they could remove ALL of this superfulous stuff out of the traffic
    stream the I.N. speed would increase at least 50%.

    Aloso, I think there are "forwarded" items on the WWW that have been
    churning around out there for years.

    I hereby deem them as "Relics". A new word for the WWW Trivia
    Dictionary! :rolleyes:
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