I recieved e-mail from one Amina IdrisRose Guei . God haddirected her to me, so she said, I corresponded with her for about the past three weeks. The situation unfolds like this: Apparently her family was murdered secretly by the new political force trying to get elected in this area of Africa. She says she wants to ship a consignment left by her wealthy dad send it to my resident in usa as the new govt. wiill surely kill her for it. Assured all the while I wont pay a thing just send it and she will follow so we can invest it while she continues her studies. The consignment gets held up at " African Joint Security Assistance Company" after she has me contact A Mr Pierre Norman, Director of Operations. He Replies back ,first insulting my leter that any further correspondence shall be more formal and that I need an Affidavit from the Abidjan court in order for the consigment to clear customs and exccise. I request his recomendation of an attorney .I send a request to some