This is a sports "investing" scam.

It originally started as where the balding scammer on the site and in the videos used the alias "Anthony." This site was a failure so now it is where he is using the name "John."

This scammer insists that he hates the internet as it is not "personal" enough yet he uses it to adopt alias names.

If you buy the overpriced "sports investment packages" on his website he will immediately call you and attempt to upsell you. He will phone and phone, becom irate and paranoid if questioned until he can rope you in. The biggest red flag is he makes you wire money to his SECRETARY using a security question so she won't have to pick it up with an ID.

If this guy is calling you or you are researching him on the internet do NOT waste your money.

He claims a winning record in sports betting yet his picks are not monitored anywhere and he is very very far from being a profitable player.

To attempt to curb this he says things like "in it for the long haul" or "one bad weekend" when in reality the majority of his weekends are bad and if these phrases are only meant to string you along.

We are currently forming a group of people who were scammed ** this site to launch complaints with the US Attorney and the IRS.

Thank you.