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Thread: MSG iBook

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    MSG iBook

    I am currently doing the MSG site for the iBook. They got my certificates and W-9 about 12 weeks ago.

    They keep giving me the line that their supplier is out of iBooks and they are waiting on them to get more in stock so they can ship out. But iBooks are out of production and they most likely will never get more in stock.

    Today they offered to send me a check for $650. But the iBook is worth $1000 (it even said so on the msg site)

    Should I take the check for $650 since I most likely will never get an iBook from them, or is there anything I can do to get the full $1000?

    Please let me know. Thanks

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    Re: MSG iBook

    Take the money. $650 in hand is better than waiting and ending up with nothing.

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    Re: MSG iBook

    In this case, I concur. There is little chance they will find a replacement that is equivalent to the iBook you wanted that is within the same cost, performance, and "newness" (not refurbed) parameters.

    You get 65% of the final value. You may be able to find the iBook you wanted on eBay. Here's an example selling for $700 plus S&H:


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    Re: MSG iBook

    Yea, they most likely will never get any more iBooks because most places are out and will never get anymore.
    I am going to try and see if there is any way to get more than the $650 but I guess I will just take the $650. I don't really need the laptop anyway, I just wanted a mac laptop since they are so much nicer than the one I have now.

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