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    Don't Use College Life Laundry!

    They will charge you like 7$ extra if your laundry is even half a pound over weight, which is impossible to tell since I don't have a scale in my dorm. Also, I've gotten back about 5 ripped shirts from them, and they refused to cover any cost whatsoever. Often it seems like they just run water through my laundry, because if there is even a grass stain on my cloths, it never comes back clean.

    Don't get caught with their advertising and seemingly down-to-earth manner. They are a bad laundry organization.

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    Re: Don't Use College Life Laundry!

    you can't even wash your own clothes? that's sad. if you can't afford to pay $7 extra for the service, you can't afford the service. people used to work all day for $7, but now, it is nothing. you also should have tipped that poor person that washed your clothes. if you can't afford to tip, you can't afford the service. you should save your money, anyway, because we have left you a $14 trillion debt to pay. but, have a nice day.

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    Re: Don't Use College Life Laundry!

    College Life Laundry aka Natural Earth Laundry made unauthorized charges to my credit card. Did not return numerous calls. When I went to the building all I found was a loced door with laundry sign on front of it. charlottesville, Virginia

    I noticed duplicate charges and unauthorized charges made to my credit card. Numerous phone messages let at there published number over the period of 2 weeks, never received any call backs. Drove to the address given on Allied Street, all I found was a locked door with laundry sign on door.


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    Re: Don't Use College Life Laundry!

    website is up so maybe just that one location went out of business?

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    Re: Don't Use College Life Laundry!

    @ collegeccer and uvacollegeboi2013

    Multiple usernames are not allowed here, stick to one name to post your complaints.
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    Re: Don't Use College Life Laundry!

    God! It hurts to see our threads tossed around like a bag of potatoes! I had run into similiar situations where my undies disappeared and, no amount of pleading and remonstrating with the management helped. I had to quit using college laundry.

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    Re: Don't Use College Life Laundry!

    Hm, that is strange. Maybe the quality of the clothes you're wearing isn't that good? I have never seen something like that. But I generally do shopping here https://www.lilylulufashion.com/platform-sandals/ and everything seems to be fine.

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    Re: Don't Use College Life Laundry!

    I prefer washing my own clothes as I feel like the quality of the dress changes after undergoing laundry and it's not budget friendly.

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