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    FEIN and SSN identy bank fraud?

    I have a 20 year old C corporation in the state of Florida, my 9 digit employer tax identification number is the same as a 28 year old local resident's social security number, who is unknown to me and my corporation. In the process of investigating office manager theft in excess of 25k, I discovered this person with the same ssn was linked to my tax ID.
    My questions are –
    1 -What if anything does this tax ID link between my corp. and this unknown person mean?
    2 - Even if it is common to have identical tax ID’s, can this duplicate identity issue be used to steal corporate money? Especially if there is a bank employee involved.
    3 - Assuming with the help of a banking employee working for the same bank as my corporate checking account, is it possible to divert funds if an account was fraudently set up at this bank using the identical ssn / ein numbers? Some brief facts which are the root of my suspicion is there are business checks that cleared my corp. account, they were written to me and endorsed to my personal checking account by this method exactly "for deposit only and with my personal checking account number below it" There is no personal signature on the endorsement, there is no record of these deposits in my personal checking statement.
    4 - How can checks written by the corporation to me, clear the bank as if deposited by me, and no record on my personal statement of the check deposits? Bank of America is no help and has no interest in policing themselves. Any guidance on proving this as being factual is greatly needed. Information where I can further investigate and get answers to prove this connection would be eternally appreciated. I am in the process of structuring a case to present to local police for prosecution, which will eventually give me all answers, I hope. In the mean time I would like to further investigate on my own the connection, I’m a firm believer in fighting for you’re self, leave it to no one or you may regret it.
    Thank you in advance for any time or input you may provide.
    SPS Inc.
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