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    commercialescrow.com Fraud Toni Hardstone

    This post will explain her FRAUD practices and to help other possible future victims and all the people she is dealing with presently. I am a victim of Toni Hardstone and her Fraudulent Commercial Escrow Services Inc.
    The police report that was filed against Toni Hardstone and Commercial Escrow Services at 3478 Buskirk Ave., Suite 242, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 stated the facts that the newly formed Oriom Group LLC received 98k unauthorized and not notorized from commercial escrow services inc then it vanished.
    Just Google her name Toni Hardstone or her company Commercialescrow1.com you will see all the things she does, steals peoples escrow money and never answers the phone! COWARD! :zx11pissed:

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    Re: commercialescrow.com Fraud Toni Hardstone

    Toni Hardstone at Commercial Escrow.com at 3478 Buskirk Ave., Suite 242, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523 is just like all these Ponzi scams going on she , after reading on Google has burned a lot of people. How can someone like this get away with what they do. I am not in the realty market yet I have used escrow companies in the past and most of them practice ethical dealings, but I have also encountered shady companies as this Hardstone company. Thank goodness for the internet where you can find out the good and the bad about people.

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    Re: commercialescrow.com Fraud Toni Hardstone

    We used Toni's service twice in April of this year, 2011 and everything went smoothly and I was paid promptly and we plan on using them on further transactions.

    Larry Potter
    SBLC, BG, MTN and Proof of Funds Service:

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