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    Need Help Please Thank You

    :judges: Hello my friends I wanted to know when I sign up with job slinger and I am a member and tried to log in How do I know which circles or the other things they want us to click to log in please Thank You again Favoralways

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    Re: Need Help Please Thank You

    Sounds like something you might want to ask them.. unless you claiming that they must be a scam because you don't know these things?

    Don't mean to sound rude but scam.com is for reporting and discussing scams... I don't think there would be anyone here to give you support information about another site.

    Maybe you can find an email for them and ask them for help?

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    Re: Need Help Please Thank You

    Thank You I was able to log in I just had to figure out web site protects to make sure we are humans Thank You Favoralways I didn't mean to make it sound like a scam not at all. :judges:

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    Re: Need Help Please Thank You

    thanks for sharing, helping
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    Need Help Please Thank You All

    Hello my friends I was trying to google search these survey sites Vanderbilt University Yale and I don't see where to become a member to get on the database do any of you know how this works I have other university paid survey sites Thank you all for helping me favoralways :judges:

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    Re: Need Help Please Thank You

    Your question can be easily solved by the support staff of the company.

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